Nails: January 2015

It's official! I am addicted to nails! After struggling with my nails for years, and finally getting acrylics last month, I've become the sort of girl who is in love with her own nails. This month, I thought I'd go for something more sophisticated. 

I was envisioning a pale peach-pink with a gold accent nail, and spent ages choosing just the right shade of pink. My mum helpfully offered suggestions only to have me turn them down because "I don't want a Barbie pink"... and then I chose the Barbiest pink of them all! I try to be sophisticated but I just can't resist bright, happy colours! It's OPI's Sorry I'm Fizzy Today although I'm afraid I have no idea what the gold glitter is.

I'm much happier with the shape of these too. Now that they're a bit longer, they're more of an almond shape. I absolutely love them but, of course, I'm already thinking about what to have next! 


  1. I am addicted to nails myself! I need more polish in my life! These are lovely I love your accent nail! Xx

  2. The colour of your nails is gorgeous! I love the shape too, very classy. I wish I was brave enough to try acrylics, but I'm too scared they will damage my real nails. If you keep posting how beautiful yours look, I might be very tempted. xxx

  3. Love them and I've been loving your nail board on Pinterest too!
    Maybe a try a blue for your next time? I dunno, I just feel like blue can be bright & sophisticated at the same time :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  4. Your nails are gorgeous. A really beautiful shape on you too - my odd fingers only suit square nails although I don't mind because I find they're safer for me haha. Looking forward to seeing a round up at the end of 2015 of all the nails you've had this year. :)

  5. You sure it isn't January 2015 ;)?

  6. I absolutely love this colour. It is gorgeous Lx

  7. LOVE THESE! Makes me want to get my nails done all the time. Boo work!

    Alice Anne | Annie Writes Beauty

  8. Ohh you have such lovely nails, pretty combo!

    Sophie x

  9. Happy New Year! I love that pinky colour - it's so happy and the little gold nail is very classy. xx

  10. That pinky colour looks gorgeous! Reminds me of salmon, ha! But in a good way, obvs!

    And how have I just realised you too have a spider bite on your lips? SPIDER BITE TWINS!




  11. I love this, I've been the same since I got my gels and now I love having the perfect manicure for weeks. It is the best feeling. Love that colour as well!
    Inanity and the Girl

  12. These are such pretty colours! Love how bright they are even at this time of year.
    Victoria xx

  13. Definitely trying to grow mine properly now because yours looks so pretty this weekend. I need some in my life! Xx

  14. This post came up in your "You Might Also Like..." thing and JESUS look at how short your nails are now!


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