The importance of a good bra

You may have noticed that I am quite ample in the chest department. I know it's seen as desirable to have a lot up top, but there are a huge amount of disadvantages. I can't lie on my front or run/skip/bounce on a spacehopper without real risk of knocking myself out (but you'd better believe I still try!). Another problem is the issue of bras. I can't just pop into a high street shop and pick a cute one out. If I get the wrong fit, it's disastrous!

Luckily for me, Bras Galore have got in touch and offered to send me a brand new bra. It makes such a difference having a well-fitted bra and, to illustrate this, I have taken photos of me in three bra scenarios: No bra (eek!), a badly fitting bra and a perfect bra!
On the left, you can see how I look completely bra-less. Not going to lie, it's a bit embarrassing to post this, but at least you can clearly see the difference!

The central photo shows me wearing an old bra that no longer fits properly. The cups are too small, but the back has stretched with wear and is now far too loose. Although it gives me more support than I get with no bra, they still look a bit low and shapeless.

Finally, on the right, you can see the difference a good bra makes. My chest is more pert and much better supported and, just above my neckline, you can see the curve that results from a higher bust. I have more shape and it looks a lot more flattering as my breasts aren't concealing my waist anymore! This is the bra I was wearing, the Lois side support bra. The cups are really soft and have no padding, which means they are more comfortable for a larger size. Another benefit is that the back strap is very wide, giving more support and making it a lot more comfy to wear. The best part? It goes all the way up to a size K! I do love it when I can find a bra to fit! 



  2. I feel you, I'm a FF and it's such a nightmare. I would literally kill to be a C cup. I used to wear huge back szies and smaller cups until I got measured by Bravissimo, they changed my life!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. I love you for posting this! Seriously, my boobs are totally the same without a bra but thats how big boobs go! I really need to buy some new bras, I dont think I have bought any in at least a couple of years which is terrible as they have definitely changed size! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. I always get mine fitted in store and I don't understand why so many people feel so uncomfortable by it x

  5. Amen to the wonders of a well-fitting bra! I can't tell you how many people (even bloggers) I see wearing ill fitting bras. The key is making sure they're hoisted above the waist. Your good bra makes such a difference!

    Jamie |

  6. This is so true. My breasts are a bit smaller than yours, but in atypical size and it's difficult to find anything cute and fitting... My friends tends to have about ten bras, which is kinda crazy :D I learned that few expensive, but really fitting bras are way better. :)

  7. It's unreal the difference a good bra can make! I am in desperate need of bra's that actually fit me but buying them I really do struggle with! :/ Xx

  8. Never underestimate the importance of a good fitting bra! I feel so much more confident with a well fitted and supportive bra. It really can do wonders with your posture and adding to the shapely curves! :) x

    Brenda BusyBee | Makeup Revolution & Benefit Giveaway

  9. Great post! It's amazing the difference a good bra makes. I just wish the bigger ones weren't so expensive and what is it with making some of them padded? My boobs are big enough thanks, I don't need any help, lol. :) x

    1. I like a bit of padding to conceal my nipples! haha.

  10. I have E/F cup boobies and i really feel your pain when it comes to accommodating them with a good fitting bra. I really like the look of the Freya daydreamer longline bra on the Bras Galore website! I've always fancied a longline bra but never thought they did them in bigger cup sizes, how wrong i was.

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Yes! You cannot beat a good bra! I'm an H so I have the same issue with my waist completely disappearing when I've got a badly fitting bra on. SO frustrating! Hadn't heard of Bras Galore before though so that's a new place to look yay :)

  12. Yes! I cannot emphasise how important a good bra is. I'm pretty much underwear obsessed, but I found out the other day that I'm a whole cup size bigger than I thought I was! Now that I've been buying in that size the difference is amazing. xx

  13. This makes such a difference! I recently got some new bras from the brand Evollove and I think they're amazing. They go up to a G!

  14. I don't have big boobs, I'm a D cup, but even then I'll try on a D and it's like it's made for an AA or something! The high st only seems to make clothes for girls with no boobies which makes me sad :( mine aren't even big and I struggle I can't imagine how annoying (and expensive) it must be for you trying to find bras! I think bras should be a bit cheaper and affordable! That bra really does make such a difference but your boobies look fab braless too, without meaning to sound creepy haha xo
    amber love


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