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Way back in 2012, I joined Pinterest after hearing it was the Next Big Thing for bloggers. I used it for about a week, quickly got bored and completely gave up on it, only returning for Halloween and Christmas inspiration at the end of each year. Then something crazy happened: It sucked me in. 

I'm not entirely sure how it happened but I became obsessed with curating the most perfect Pinterest board of all time which, not to blow my own trumpet or anything, I think I've achieved.

My Blog Tips board is an ever-evolving collection of all the best advice posts I've seen around the web featuring topics as varied as inspiration, organisation, monetisation and a whole load of other -ations. Every single pin has been verified, if you like, by my reading the post and only including it in my board if it is informative, useful and original. Any posts featuring a list of common-sense or often-featured tips have not been included. 

Let me tell you, it has taken hours upon hours to individually read through every post and make sure it was useful enough to be included. You can still find over 150 pins on there (which is an ever-increasing number) so, to make it easier for you, I've created a little best of guide divided into handy little categories. 

About page
How to write a killer about page- Amy Lynn Andrews
How to write your about page- In Spaces Between
How to revamp your about page- The Thinking Closet

The what and why of branding- Elle & Co
Blogging to brand yourself- Levo League
How to effectively brand your social media- Bloggers' Bazaar

8 signs you're ready to become a professional blogger- Shanice Cameron
10 practical tips for going from freelance to full-time- Elle & Co
Tax prep check list- Creative Savings

Creating quality content- Elle & Co
How to write a great blog post- Bloggers' Bazaar
When creative feels wrong- Kory Woodard

Essential elements of a great blog design- Wonder Forest
How to choose a blog designer- Venus Trapped in Mars
DIY blog design tips- The Flourishing Abode

50 no-fluff blog post ideas- Elle & Co
15 blog post ideas- Postcards from Rachel
300+ writing prompts- The SITs Girls

Media Kits
Creating a media kit for your blog- The Well
Media kit 101- Living in Color Print
How to create a media kit- Six out of Ten

Advertising and affiliate services- Bloggers' Bazaar
10 non-icky ways to make money blogging- By Regina
Monetising a blog from day one- Snail Pace Transformations

5 tips for networking at events- The Well
7 tips for finding your BBFs- By Regina
How to write the perfect networking email- Levo League

Balancing blog life with real life- Life Could be a Dream
Tips for starting a blog calendar- Elizabeth Loves
Choosing a blog posting schedule- Bear & Beagle

Lighting tips and tricks- Making Nice in the Midwest
Tips for using natural lighting- A Beautiful Mess
My shooting setup- Gimme Some Oven

Create a PR calendar for your blog- Girl with a Banjo
How to work with brands- A Thousand Threads
How to reply to press emails you aren't interested in- The Well

How to blog productively- Life Could be a Dream
How to get more done in less time- Money Saving Mom
How to take a blogging break without anyone knowing- Blogging on the Side

All about blogger business cards- The Well
7 tips for creating a knock-out elevator pitch- Levo League
7 ways to promote your blog more efficiently- The Flourishing Abode

Social Media
How I use social media for my blog- Design Love Fest
How to use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic- Elle & Co
How to grow your blog with Twitter- Bloggers' Bazaar

6 steps to start sponsorships on your blog- Postcards from Rachel
How to run kick-butt blog sponsorships- Life Could be a Dream
9 things nobody tells you about taking sponsors- Venus Trapped in Mars

As you can see, the same blogs pop up time and time again, so it's well worth checking those ones out. Don't forget you can see the whole board here to see all 150+ pins and please do send over any links you've found that have particularly helped you.  

If this post has been helpful to you, please share or even pin it to your own blog tips board!


  1. Very nice of you to share this. I love reading about blogging tips on Pinterest:) I will check this out.

  2. This is so helpful I can't wait to take the time to sit and read through everything! Chelsey xoxo

  3. Wow! This is so useful! Thank you so much for posting.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  4. This is so helpful, thanks!

    Sophie x

  5. This is such a good idea. I have a similar board but I really need to actually read all of the posts that I've saved!
    Have followed you on Pinterest now.
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  6. Thank you so much for sharing!! It is very helpful xx

    Fabi |

  7. This is sooo helpful ! Going to be all over your pinterest now :D
    Alex oxox

  8. this is fab! you done all the hard work and it's all in one place for us :D Thank you x

  9. Pinterest is my favourite place to find blogging advice - my blogging board currently has 450 pins! I'll be sure to follow you :)
    Beth x

  10. This was really helpful. Definitely need to get into Pinterest more x

  11. I cannot tell you how useful this post is! I am so excited to go through reading some of these, and getting some great tips. Thank you so much for spending your time to create such a wonderful resource for your fellow bloggers!

    Emily //

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my post, girl! This is such a helpful listing...I'll definitely be directing my fellow bloggers to this post!

  13. That is an amazing list. Will definitely be following shortly.
    I love pinterest for inspiration - ccurrently helping with the planned redesign of my new house!

    Rachel /

  14. This is SO helpful! Even after 3 years of blogging I'm always looking for ways to improve and Pinterest is the best place for that I think :) x

  15. Love this post Becky. It's so helpful for and I'm always looking for new ways to improve my blog and content. Thanks for sharing! Jojo x

  16. I need to get more involved with Pinterest so this is a fab post to get started with! I'm at the stage where I use it for Halloween and Christmas! :) x

    Brenda BusyBee | Makeup Revolution & Benefit Giveaway

  17. This is awesome, I have so much reading to do now, thanks! :)

  18. I am on Pinterest but don't see the huge hype, I am trying to get my head around it but it's not happening! :') Xx

  19. Ohh this is such a helpful list! Thanks for posting - will definitely be looking through these posts!

  20. I just stumbled upon this post after checking out your blogger Twitter chat schedule Becky! What a helpful list! I will be returning to 'study' each part! haha

    Emma | The Fashion Six


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