Ok, so it's more like Saturday Favourites this week. On Wednesday afternoon, we received the call to tell us that Ofsted were coming in the next day. Cue frantic panicking and long, long days! School opening hours were increased to 6am- 9pm although the first train doesn't get me to work until 8 (I live a long way from work- a 2 hour journey!). Nevertheless, 8am-9pm days are still a hard slog so, understandably, everything else went out the window. Luckily everything went perfectly well, I had very positive feedback from the inspectors and hopefully we won't need to go through it again for another 5 years! 
Becky's post on editing Instagram photos has finally convinced me to use Afterlight.
The story of Amber's grandmother's book is beautifully poignant. 
Kaelah's spring dress is perfection! 
I was already excited about Viva Glam Miley but Katia's post has made me desperate for it! 
Lucy sure knows how to dress for rainy days!

Lynsay's retro living room is everything I want mine to be! 

Other Favourites
Victoria's tax advice for bloggers is so helpful!
A whole host of lovely bloggers, including 
CarrieOlivia and Lucy are holding a bloggers' market next weekend. What an amazing idea! 
I've created a huge list of London's most Instagrammed restaurants to visit.


  1. I'm such a fan of Afterlight and use it to edit all my phone pics. It's brilliant!
    And I love that retro living room - amazing! x

  2. Love these summary posts! Such a great way to find amazing blog posts :)

  3. Poor you, Ofsted weeks are always horrible. We had ours in November and it wiped me out for the rest of the term! Hooray for doing well and it being over, though!

  4. I just found a bunch of fantastic new blogs to follow through this post! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  5. I finally downloaded Afterlight after reading Beckys post too xx

  6. Gosh those hours sound long! I do 8:30am-5:30pm and travel for about four hours each day, gets so tiring sometimes x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  7. Urgh - OFSTED! We are due them any day now...I bet you must be glad it's over!
    Have a well-deserved weekend off!
    Hannah x

  8. I may have to get Afterlight. That before and after is just too great!

  9. YES. I can't preach about Afterlight enough, it's one of the best editing apps I've tried - and I feel like I've tried hundreds. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  10. I'm not a teacher but I remember how frazzled mine used to be around Ofsted, it sounds truly awful. I'm glad it all went well though!

  11. I've had Afterlight for months now and I honestly never realised how great it is. I read through Becky's post and I thought "You're shitting me. The photos can't go from THAT dark to THAT light?" but I tried it and it's bloody awesome! Xx


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