Review: Bare Minerals SPF20 Correcting Colour Concealer

My MAC Studio Sculpt concealer recently ran out and it was time to finally get a new one. I decided to try and different brand this time and settled on Bare Minerals SPF20 Correcting Colour Concealer as I like a cream formula in an easily-accessible pot like this.
The packaging seems pretty sturdy, in a sleek black pot including a mirror on the underside of the lid for touch ups on the go. Although I know some people don't like the idea of using their fingers, I find these pots much easier to use as you can use a brush really simply or risk using a finger if you're in a rush!

Since I bought online, I wasn't sure which colour to go for, so I chose the lightest shade in the warm tone, Light 2, and found it's an ideal match for my NW10 skin. On application, the concealer is very creamy and blends in effortlessly, using either a brush or fingertips. It stays put for hours, although coverage is light and I usually prefer high coverage (totally my fault for not reading the description properly!). One of the main bonuses for me is the SPF20. I'm a bit obsessive with sun protection, so the more products with SPF, the better!

If only this concealer came in higher coverage, it would be perfect! 


  1. This does sound lovely, and I do like their foundation which was a surprise to me. Think I may treat myself with my remaining Christmas vouchers!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. That's so weird it looks like a blush not concealer!

    (Sorry can't get over this.) // US Lifestyle Blog

  3. Lovely! I like your blog it's very girly and interesting. Love it #bbloggersupport!

  4. I love Bare Minerals products and find their original mineral foundation works well as a concealer if you use it with a concealer brush it has good coverage :) I much prefer the handy packaging of this though! xx
    Natalie - The Floral Republic


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