Steph's Cornish getaway looks perfect! 
Michaela lives in such a beautiful place!
It might be a bit late now but Toni's alternative New Year's Eve ideas are perfect for people like me who dislike it. 
Georgina has written a wonderfully uplifting post on why 2014 was a great year.

Other Favourites
Victoria has such a realistic outlook on full time blogging
Leanne has written a fantastic guide for those new to blogging
Some of these Harry Potter jokes are really quite funny! 
I love Emily's signs you were a Myspace kid


  1. Aw sharing the love! Awesome, awesome! // US Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thanks so much for sharing lovely! Going to have a little peek at all the other link loves now. :) xx

  3. Aw Becky! Thanks for featuring me. Long live Myspace <3

    Emily -

  4. Thank for so much for featuring me hun! :) <3

  5. Tori's alternative New Year's Eve ideas are great! A pamper evening sounds wonderful! Or a games night. Cards Against Humanity obviously ;) Xx


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