72 Hours in Stockholm pt II

On our second day in Stockholm, we decided to head back to the island of Gamla Stan and have a general little mooch about. Whereas I'm normally a go-go-go kind of traveller, wanting to squeeze in as much as possible, Rich likes to take things at a gentler pace. I thought it was only fair that we had at least one more relaxing holiday for his sake! Stockholm Waterfront

Although there was still the odd shower, the snow had mostly stopped but it was still cold enough for the previous day's blanket to remain. We took some really cute photos for a future outfit post then headed back up to the cathedral. The day before, we'd found it and had a little look around outside, and Rich had noticed a restaurant opposite advertising reindeer roasts. I couldn't resist! We went back and ate reindeer. Sorry, Blitzen!
Stockholm Bridge Stockholms Hamnar Life Ring
I expected it to taste beefy but it was a lot richer than I'd anticipated. Mind you, the wine sauce probably had a part to play with that. It was served with a kind of potato quiche which was delicious but very filling! There was certainly no room for dessert afterwards, although I'd wanted to try out Swedish strudel.
Stockholm Cathedral Organ
After a long, leisurely lunch, we nipped across the path and into the cathedral. It's simple but still lovely, with an impressive statue of St George fighting the dragon and an absolutely gargantuan- and vaguely disturbing- painting of what looks like the apocalypse.
Stockholm Cathedral Candles Candles Crucifix
Whenever I visit a cathedral, I like to light a candle. The Stockholm candles are presented in such a unique way- inside a huge ball structure surrounding a dangling crucifix. I've never seen anything like it before.
Anchor flag
Stockholm Island
On leaving the cathedral, we set out to try and find the pretty houses that could be seen from our hotel room window. They were on the other side of a body of water but, after walking for ages, we just couldn't find them. Eventually we stumbled upon a small dock where a boat was just pulling it. I got all excited at this point as Rich suggested we go for a little boat ride across to the other side but, unfortunately, you could only buy tickets via the app and the boat was certainly not waiting for us to download it! 
Slingerbulten Gamla Stan Street
By now, the light was fading so we decided to go back to the hotel. We'd walked a huge amount so by the time we got back, we didn't really want to leave for food. Instead, we watched Antiques Roadshow again, and a game show called Vem Vet Mest that I got properly involved with, while eating room service burgers. The perfect way to end our trip!
Stockholm at Night
Although we didn't have the jam-packed trip that I usually favour, I still had a great time. I've wanted to visit Stockholm for so long, so it was wonderful to finally have the opportunity. 
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  1. The photos you took are stunning, honestly, wow! Stockholm looks like a beautiful place and it sounds like you both really enjoyed it. Woooo!

    Lottie Unlimited | Beauty, +SizeFashion and Lifestyle Blog

  2. I visited Sweden in the summer and it was beautiful but I would love to go in winter too. Stockholm looks absolutely gorgeous and much more historic than Malmö (which is still an amazing city)!


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