New hair, new me // Hair styling at Rush Reading

Let me start by getting straight to the point: I know nothing about hair. It stems from my youth and being completely disillusioned with my curly hair. I literally wore my hair in the same style for five years (tied back, loose bun) because I felt like there was just nothing I could do with it. Then, when I got bored, I just got it all chopped off, as you'll see in my early, terrible Lookbook posts. Eventually, I realised I could tame it by taking the straighteners to it but even then I just wore it down or in a ponytail. Because of this, I was very excited when I was invited to visit Rush Reading for a cut and blowdry... and also a little nervous. Did I mention this was my first trip to a hair salon in about 20 years? It's fair to say I had little to no idea of what to expect! Rush Hair Salon Reading
Thankfully, when I arrived I was put immediately at ease. I was sat down and offered a drink and something to read while I waited for the stylist. She was over quickly and took a look at my very thick, fluffy hair. I explained that I didn't have anything particular in mind and that my knowledge of haircare was practically zero but I didn't feel at all uncomfortable admitting that. Every single step of the process was explained to me and I completely trusted her professional judgement. Together we agreed to cut all the dry ends off and put some shorter layers around my face as well as thinning it out so it's more balanced.

Once we'd settled on a style, I was guided to the hair washing area. This was set back from the rest of the salon, giving it a quieter feel. Oh my God, it was so relaxing! I was in my element having shampoo massaged over my scalp with my eyes closed. The products smelled incredible and, as my hair is dry, I was given a conditioning treatment to nourish it. I didn't want the experience to end and I genuinely never want to wash my own hair again! 

After rinsing my hair, I sat back down in the chair so we could start the cut. Honestly, small talk tends to freak me out but everybody was so friendly that I was quite happy chatting away, even about my master's subject! At every stage, I was given the opportunity to share how I felt about the process before continuing. 

When the hair was cut, I was asked how I'd like it styled and I asked for a super sleek look. That is exactly what I got! With a combination of blowdrying it straight and a run through with straighteners, my hair was the straightest it has ever been in my life! (Of course my hair being my hair, it didn't stay that way for long but even when it started curling again, it created soft waves rather than my usual frizz!) I was also treated to some serum which not only made it look incredibly glossy but also smelled absolutely amazing. With that, I was released back into the wild, swishing my hair around like a majestic lion... or something.
Rush Hair Reading cut and blowdry before and after
It's been a week since my experience and I still love my hair just as much as I did then. It's so much easier to control now that it's been thinned and trimmed, and the layers framing my face give this cute 90s Spice Girl feel which I'm totally feeling! The best thing? I'm no longer apprehensive about the hairdresser! I think I'll be doing this more often!

To find out where your nearest Rush salon is, click here

With thanks to Rush Reading who invited me to review their salon and all the staff who made me feel at ease. 

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  1. omg Becky I'm obsessed with your hair, we have a Rush where I live so I'll definitely have to give it a go!
    Vicki x

  2. You look lovely and your hair looked so shiny and luxurious! Posts like these always remind me I need to visit the hairdressers more often (I'm terrible and I always wait until it's gotten past the point of no return) but each time I go back I'm always like, "Why did I wait so long?!". My favourite part is definitely the hair massages while they're washing your hair too, it's so relaxing! Looking lovely. <3 - Tasha

  3. Looks lush! Although I have to say I loved your short curly days too :)

  4. Hey Becky

    You look amazing.As you say, new hair, new you.

    Lotsa Love
    Gayle XXX

  5. It looks gorgeous! I love getting my hair washed/dried at the hairdressers because it lasts longer than when I do it and always looks neater haha!


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