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Well, we certainly got our money's worth when we visited Stockholm, arriving on the snowiest November day in 111 years! I normally hate snow but luckily I'd prepared for the -6c temperatures by buying out the entirety of Primark's knitwear department. Plus size winter outfit
Golddigga Jacket: Sports Direct
Jumper: Primark (similar here)
Gloves: Primark (similar here)
Skirt: Primark (similar here)
Leggings: Primark and Simply Be
Boots: Skechers

This Golddigga jacket was initially bought for our Christmas break to Austria since I knew I'd need something warm and waterproof, but it came in very handy for this trip. There are three different colours but I wanted the red one which wasn't available in my usual size. I took a risk and sized down, and thankfully it just about fits. It squashes my boobs flat but at least I can do it up and move about in it! It's also incredibly warm and surprisingly lightweight considering how padded it is. Because it's got multiple pockets, it also means I don't need to take a bag out with me, so that's very handy (and saves space in my cabin bag!) The only problem I've had is ripping a seam on the hood when I pulled it over my head a bit too vigorously, but I can easily sew that up. 
Fur hood puffa jacket
My pink jumper is from Primark, who have an amazing jumper selection right now. They sell these jumpers in a huge range of colours, and even more with different knits, and they're only £10 each. I may or may not have several of them (you may remember the grey jumper in this outfit post) and they're surprisingly warm for the price. This one perfectly matches my pink gloves which were great, apart from the fact my nails went straight through the ends so I had little talons poking out! Still, they kept my hands cosy so there's that! Mind you, they don't allow me to use my phone while wearing them like these magic gloves do, so maybe I need to buy a pair of those instead.

As much as I love my skirt, it's pretty much on its last legs. I've had it a good couple of years now and it's started to get all bobbly. I'll need to buy a new one sharpish because it's surprising how versatile a white skater skirt can be. Yes, I know you're thinking it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen but I promise it's worth it. I've had my one ages and I've not ruined it yet! The only problem is they're really difficult to find. Boohoo has a few if you're not plus size but I've yet to find any above a size 18. Let me know if you see any!
Plus size puffa jacket
When it comes to my legs, I planned ahead. I bought some of Primark's velvet fleece-lined leggings which are promised to be "the warmest leggings you've ever worn". It's true, they are. They're also the most annoying leggings I've ever worn. Unlike the rest of their leggings, Primark has decided to sell these in combined sizes and even then, they don't extend very far. I bought the largest size available L-XL which is a 16-18. Oh boy, it was an experience getting them on! The first time, I had to get Rich to help squeeze me into them and then when I went to the toilet at the airport, I couldn't pull them up all the way and ended up with chafing. Great way to start the holiday! After that first day, they stretched out a bit so I could at least get them on by myself but it was still a pretty strenuous activity. Having said all that, my legs didn't feel cold once! Yes, they were tight but they were also comfortable (chafing aside) and very, very warm. Since they were so small, they rode up a bit at my ankles, so I layered my Simply Be leggings over the top to cover the exposed skin above my socks. If you're a small 18 or below, I really recommend picking up a pair of the Primark leggings as they're incredible. Just a shame they're not plus size friendly. 
Warm winter outfit plus size
To finish off, let me talk about my Skechers boots because they are the greatest thing ever! A few weeks ago, I bought a pair of Skechers flats and they're incredibly comfortable. I get sore, tired feet really easily but these shoes have allowed me to stand for much longer periods of time than I usually can. Because of this, I thought it would be worthwhile to get some warm, winter boots from Skechers and man, that was a good idea! I wore these through my whole trip, without wearing them in first, and they allowed me to walk miles without any pain- not even any of the rubbing or pinching that you usually get with new shoes. The grip is fantastic so I didn't even slip on the ice and they're perfectly waterproof so I was able to walk through snow and slush without getting soggy socks. I'm so glad I bought them! One slight issue is that the shoelaces are really short, for some reason, so I struggle to tie them in even a tiny knot, but that's hardly a big deal. 
Plus size winter outfit ideas
Despite the freezing temperatures, I didn't feel cold once. This is a surprise because I'm forever complaining about being too cold. I think I'm all set for winter now! 

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