365 210- 216

210: Hanging out with Myles
211: Harry Potter Studio Tour
212: Such a nice touch from the Post Office. 

213: Hey, Primark, why do these leggings have a different size on each label? Are they 14 or 18?

214: Starting my packing

215: Lights out to commemorate the start of WWI

216: Buying supplies for last minute wedding crafts


  1. Is that a Slytherin shirt in your packing? Hope you enjoyed the Harry Potter Studio Tour, I've been twice and hopefully going again at Christmas when they cover it with snow :)

  2. Quite a few things I have bought from Primark have been like that. Poor Kris bought some boxers that were medium on the packet, but small on the label. New pj shorts for me :)

  3. oh lord, Primark! That would explain at least some of their sizing madness anyway

  4. Primark is always dodgy with sizes! Hope you have an amazing holiday and wedding. Can;t wait to see the photos!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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