Florida Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one of my favourite Walt Disney World parks, behind Magic Kingdom and Typhoon Lagoon. I wouldn't call myself an animal fan as such, but it's so interesting to learn about different breeds. Plus, it has some of the most exciting rides, such as Dinosaur and Expedition Everest. 
The silverback gorillas are so beautiful. I had no idea just how powerful their limbs look.
The gorillas were spotted on the Maharajah Jungle Trek, which is a great way to learn about animals at your own pace. My favourite was the bat room. They were huge bats, with wing spans of 6ft. They actually slept upside down with their wings wrapped around them too- I half-thought that was a vampire myth! 
If, like me, you're a bit more lazy, there is the Kilimanjaro Safari, where you sit in a little van and get driven around the safari site by a knowledgeable guide. The park was so quiet that there was no queue for the safari, so we went on it twice. Our second guide, Josh, was my favourite as he told us the collective noun for every animal we passed. Did you know a group of cheetahs is called a coalition, flamingoes is a flamboyance and giraffes is a tower? Now you do! 

Each area of Animal Kingdom is divided into three main locations and themed as such- Africa, Asia and Dinoland (although there are a few smaller areas too). 

In Africa, there was an Afro-pop band named Burudika, hosting a street party. Their music was so joyous and celebratory. Everybody was dancing and the musicians were clearly enjoying every second. 
 Although Animal Kingdom doesn't have the same magic as the likes of Magic Kingdom, it's definitely worth a visit if you're at Walt Disney World. I guarantee you'll come out having learned something. 


  1. I love animals so I would definitely be there :) Silverback Gorillas are amazing!

  2. I loved animal kingdom when I was little, looks like it still has the same magic :)


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