Review: Gray's Coffee Shop

I recently became aware of a new local coffee shop which is a non-profit business giving young people the opportunity to gain experience in a workplace. It's a great little place to pop along to and have a bite to eat while contributing to a good cause.

Although the decor is a little industrial, and reminiscent of a college canteen, it does have some nice touches. I love the grey brick chimney breast and the ornate mirrors. 

An entire wall is comprised of a ginormous bookshelf with a whole host of books for sale, or you can just flick through while you eat. 

My favourite thing about Gray's: It sells Fentiman's Rose Lemonade, which is just the most delicious drink ever!
I plumped for the chicken pesto sandwich which was yummy! So creamy and flavourful, and it came with a side of potato salad which was a little heavy on the chives, but tasty nonetheless. 
 The real highlight, however, is the chocolate brownie cheesecake. With a perfectly crispy topping and chewy chocolate centre, with swirls of cheese marbled in, it's heaven on a plate! 


  1. Oh this is is a really lovely idea - is this in North Camp? I love the grey and orange, I'll definitely have to check it out!

  2. Sweet idea alongside sweet tastes. Seems like a great place.

  3. How much did it annoy you that they forgot the apostrophe from their sign? X

  4. I love Rose lemonade. Have you tried their alcoholic drinks?


  5. Such a lovely and selfless idea for a business/coffee shop!
    I get what you mean about the college canteen thing but with cheesecake that looks that good, who cares!


  6. Absolutely adore the idea behind Gray's. Ps. I'm drooling over that tasty looking cheesecake! Raspberrykiss xo

  7. Awwwh that brownie cake looks like perfection in a little slice!

  8. Love the idea behind this and only wish there were more around the country! The cheesecake looks delicious Xx


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