What's in my hand luggage

I'm not a light packer when it comes to hand luggage. Instead, I pack for all eventualities and end up with a bag too heavy to carry- 8kg this time round. However, I'm never left needing anything mid-flight, so there's that!
My bag is a 1960s Samsonite case and it's huge- Perfect for hand luggage!

1: Fluffy, George and Bagpuss. I don't trust luggage handlers with my boys!
2: A Codewords book to keep my brain active.
3: Slipper socks so my feet stay cosy.
4: A comb
5: My phone and iPod
6: Deodorant to stay fresh
7: My diary, along with a pen. I've also got some hand sanitiser there.
8: Purse
9: Cotton buds
10: Make up wipes and vaseline
11: Laptop, spare camera batteries, tissues and my Moleskine notebook from Viking Direct.

I also packed my camera but, of course, I needed to use it to take this photo. You probably won't be surprised to hear that I only took out a tiny fraction of these items while on the plane. Still, it's always good to be prepared! 


  1. That is not too bad for hand luggage. I travel a lot and defo have more kudos and im in the slipper club too :p x

  2. I'm such a over packer 25 pairs of socks is enough for two weeks right? Haha xx


  3. I'm an over packer too. I'm going on holiday in April so am practicing atm - not doing particularly well though! This post will definitely help me streamline what I take & give me some ideas of things I MUST have in my hand luggage, thank you! Xx

  4. haha I'm the opposite, everything in the luggage! I try to take the minimal amount of things because I hate dragging the hand luggage around. I'd rather have none!


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