I'm off to Florida!

As you read this, I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic ocean (probably crying in fear since I hate flying!) on my way to the old Sunshine State. Where it rains every day... 

Some of my usual features, such as my book reviews, have been scheduled weeks in advance so they'll be going ahead as usual: Don't think I'm slaving over my laptop when I should be out drinking Butterbeer or hanging with Mickey! I've prepared enough posts for me to still publish every day, so you'll still get a daily dose of Bedbug. However, I would also like to share some of the fun things I'm up to each day.

It's my intention (although I'm not going to be strict with myself about it) to post a handful of my best photos each day. Although some people may think it's odd to blog on holiday, this little blog here is more than a hobby for me. It's how I relax and unwind. After a long day of excitement in the sun, I think it will be lovely to spend half an hour selecting and editing my best photos to share with you guys. 

Of course, that's not to say this will actually happen. I may get in and find I drop straight off to sleep but from what I remember from my last Florida trip, I needed an hour or so to calm down after getting back to the hotel. So we'll wing it, I guess. 

If I don't get the chance to blog from the happiest place on Earth, I'll see you on the other side... as a married woman! Eep! 



    Have a fabola trip hun! :) and best of luck for the wedding! xxx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. Oh my gosh are you getting married in Disney World?! Hope you have an amazing time Florida is one of my most favourite places on Earth! Have a lovely trip! xx

  3. I'm usually a completely invisible reader of your blog and never post comments (which is probably why it took me three attempts to post this grr!). I was just too excited for you so I had to leave you a good luck message! I hope you have a fabulous holiday and an absolutely AMAZABEAMS wedding! I'm really looking forward to reading all about your adventure! Lisa x

  4. Ah! You're off to be married! Congratulation soon to be MRS Becky!! So excited for you!! :D

  5. Good luck and congratulations Becky! Have all the fun <3

  6. Aaaaah!! Have an amazing time! I can't wait to hear all about it also yey for marriage! I'm so excited for you! Haha.
    Kloe xx

  7. Hope you have a lovely time Becky!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  8. Enjoy! and I hope you have a lovely wedding!

  9. HOW EXCITING! I can't believe how quickly your wedding has come around! All the best for the entire trip (including the big day) and I'm hanging out for photos of your adventure xx

  10. Oh how exciting! I don't know how I missed the fact that you were getting married in Florida until that twitter chat aha! Hope everything goes smoothly for you over there! Looking forward to seeing your photos and trying to pretend that it's me over there xD

  11. Have a safe trip! It's going to be amazing xx


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