Florida: Walt Disney World Typhoon Lagoon

After all the excitement of Universal and, you know, getting married (you'll have to wait for a post on that!), it made sense to make our first day back at Disney a gentle, relaxing one. We're all big advocates of the water parks and, after visiting Blizzard Beach on day 3, I was excited to get back to Typhoon Lagoon, which is one of my favourite parks at the resort. 

The lazy river is one of the best things about the water parks. We spend hours on a rubber ring just going round and round. Although the Blizzard Beach lazy river is a lot longer, and takes about 20 minutes to complete a circuit, Typhoon Lagoon's 10-minute circuit is much more relaxing. There are far fewer waterfalls and water guns to avoid! 

 Rich bought an ice cream sundae in a bucket. A whole sand bucket filled with ice cream. It even comes with a spade to eat it. Oh, and look how cute the Mickey sprinkles are! 
One of my highlights of the entire holiday was snorkelling with leopard sharks, bonnethead sharks, southern stingrays and a whole host of colourful fish. I'd never snorkelled before, and I was a little scared, but I was amazed at how easy it was. It was incredible. I ended up going round 3 times, but that still wasn't enough!

One of the other draws of Typhoon Lagoon is the insane wave machine, which is the largest in North America. I made myself proud by going out so deep that I couldn't touch the floor. It turns out that the deeper you go, the less scary it is. Breaking waves crash into you, knock you over and carry you all the way up the beach. The high waves at the beginning just lift you up and place you down again. 
 Someone take me back?


  1. That looks so amazing! Snorkelling with sharks! :D And your swimming costume is so cute :)

  2. one of my favourite parks too

  3. Snorkelling with sharks sounds awesome!

  4. That sounds amazing! I love the sound of the lazy river xx


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