Florida Walt Disney World: Epcot

Back in 2011, we visited Epcot in the late evening and only had time to eat (imaginatively in the UK section) before the park closed. This time I was determined to see all of Epcot, to eat sushi and bratwurst, and to make a day of it. And we certainly did that!

We could see the big globe thing (apparently called Spaceship Earth) on the horizon from our hotel room, which was nice as it made me feel more connected to Disney.

Morocco was my favourite section of Epcot. It's huge (I got lost looking for the toilets) and laid out like a Morrocan marketplace. It also has the most beautiful architecture. Ok, so it's stylised, artificial architecture but it's still pretty!

I may have bought some macarons at the French section... and nearly a Dior perfume, the bottles of which were being engraved with the purchaser's name. I wish I'd bought it now! 
The fireworks display, IllumiNations, is spectacular and we secured a really great spot right at the barrier to the lake. Although Epcot won't last a whole day, it's definitely worth getting there a little later in the afternoon so you can stick around for the fireworks. 

After my lukewarm first impressions of Epcot, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy it much more than I expected. And, yes, I did get my sushi and bratwurst! 


  1. Wow I can't believe you were restrained enough to buy the dior perfume i'd have had the money out straight away ahaha xx


  2. I loved Epcot! We spent a full day there, then went back around 6pm one evening to watch the fireworks! Did you go on missions space? It made me want to die.

    I've just been looking through all your previous holiday posts and I'm so jealous that you got to go to the new Harry Potter section in Universal! When we went, it was all boarded up, we tried to peak over and got to see the top of the houses. :( Gutted.

    Florida <3

    Corinne x

  3. Food and fireworks, you had me at hello :)


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