No make up! You may have seen Megan's post on Project Bare All and it really inspired me. I'm usually quite confident to go out with no make up. In fact, this is how I look every weekday. Stay in bed for an extra 20 minutes or wake up and put make up on? Bed wins every time! I may look exhausted, but it's worth it for some extra sleep! However, when my dermatillomania gets bad, I do tend to use my concealer as a crutch, so it's quite a big deal to share my scabby chin on here! 


  1. Great post! Really inspiring, I also choose bed over makeup any day, lol. I will definitely be doing a post like this soon :)

    xo Franchesca| City Mermaid

  2. Go you - you look great! I'm quite tempted to do this, as I am quite attached to makeup - I'm the sort of person who won't go to the shop without at least a quick layer of foundation! x

  3. I saw this a while ago and it's a nice idea. I enjoy wearing make up, but I enjoy not wearing it too. Generally when I'm baring skin, my face is the part of me that I'm least conscious about. Despite this pretty sexy chin spot I've got going on at the moment...

  4. Woo :)
    I do love sleep, but I think I rely on makeup to like myself too much to not go anywhere without at the very least brows and mascara. Maybe that means I should at least try to take part in the project...
    (and thank you for the link to the original post, mush reading to be done!)

  5. I'm terrible I always wear make up unless I'm staying in. I do let people see me without make up though. I'm not precious about it.


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