4 easy ways to get involved in art

Since leaving uni, where I specialised in art education, I've hardly been involved in art at all. Even when it comes to exhibitions and galleries, I've only been to a few in the past 4 years, as I mentioned here. However, I'm making plans to change that! Here are four super easy ways to get involved in art, regardless of your abilities!
Ways to get involved in art for people who can't draw or paint


I talked about the Art Pass in my exhibitions post and I really recommend it. With the Art Pass, you can get huge offers on exhibitions, such as 50% off or even free entry in some cases. The money raised from sales helps galleries purchase arts of work so they can be enjoyed by the public for years to come. Recently they bought Grayson Perry's Vanity of Small Differences, so I was pretty chuffed about that! Another benefit is that you get 4 copies of Art Quarterly a year which gives you a heads up on future exhibitions and ways to get involved.


This is something I'm building up the courage to do! It's really easy to find both one-off classes and courses near you in drawing, painting, sculpture and all other areas of art. Personally, I'm eyeing up the Art Macabre events which are all based around the topic of death. This Tim Burton drawing event sounds incredible but I definitely couldn't cope with drawing a model dressed as Edward Scissorhands (I know it's a stupid fear but there you go). 


Similarly, there are talks and lectures happening all over the place. Tate puts on hundreds of events, as does the Victoria & Albert museum. Not particularly art-based here but my favourite is Bart's Pathology Museum in London as they hold the most interesting macabre lectures!


For more active participation, try volunteering. Probably something that requires too much commitment for me but there are a huge range of art organisations that welcome volunteers, including Tate, Art Fund and a whole host of local committees. Alternatively, if you have expertise in an area of art, why not ask local schools if you can carry out some workshops? I guarantee they'll be hugely grateful!

If you've been involved in art in some way, I'd love to know all about it! Share your experience in the comments so other people can take inspiration from it!

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  1. I really like visiting art galleries and I would love take an art class and dress as a painter (with a white overall hahaha). I lovedd the post Becky :)

    xx Cecil //

  2. You've inspired me to google some art classes in my local area :) i recently bought a book that's 642 things to draw and it's really given me the bug again, i used to always have a sketchbook on the go when I was younger! I also live about 5 minutes walk from an art gallery so i have no excuse really :)


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