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Is there anything more joyous than looking through your keywords on Google Analytics? In between the likes of "chubby lesbians in leggings" and "Becky Bedbug in g string" (yep, that's real and nope, you won't find anything!), there are actually some interesting questions to be answered. A while back I did a post like this on my forward helix piercing, answering the questions people asked to reach my blog, and thought it was time to create a more general post. All of these are real search results from the past two years. 
Funny search terms in Google Analytics


How do I write a beauty review?
Ooh it's your lucky day because I've written a post (in desperate need of updating!) on writing beauty reviews right here! In a nutshell: Structure your review, show photos of how the product looks on and in daylight (if appropriate) and ensure the editing is natural.

Are the price of Lush gift sets worth it?
No! You're paying extra for the packaging. It's only an extra couple of pounds in most cases but, if it's for yourself rather than a present, you're better off buying the items yourself. The only exception to this is when they're half price after Christmas as gift sets are usually the only way you can get hold of discounted Christmas products. Back in 2013, I wrote a post comparing the cost of Lush gift sets to individual products and the differences are quite shocking!

Do Lush have the same Christmas products and gifts sets every year?
Every year, some favourites are kept on while others are retired to make way for new ones. Snow Fairy shower gel is one product that will always return, while Rose Jam shower gel, So White bath bomb and Candy Mountain bubble bar are also seen as safe products when it comes to returning each year. If you're interested in the sort of products that are available at Christmas time, I reviewed the Lush 2014 Christmas (and Halloween) products here. 

Do you need a conditioner with Fairly Traded Honey?
This all depends on whether you usually use a conditioner or not. I have super dry hair so I use a conditioner regardless of which shampoo I apply. Fairly Traded Honey isn't any more moisturising than others so if you usually use conditioner, stick with your usual routine. 

How do you sharpen Avon Supershock eyeliner pencil?
I have no bloody idea! In my review of the Supershock Eyeliner, I explained that it was really difficult to sharpen so I'm with you on that one!

Why can't I get Aveeno Cream on prescription?
You can! Or, at least, I did. Just explain your situation to the GP, tell them that Aveeno Cream has helped and ask if they can write a prescription for it. (You can also buy it at Costco, FYI)


Can fat people wear joggers?
They certainly can! I got my joggers from New Look and I bloody love them! Fat MC Hammer chic! 

What can fat girls wear to festivals?
The same as any other girl! Here's my tips on festival dressing, whether you're fat or not! 

What do fat people wear in the swimming pool?
Swimsuits or bikinis, usually. What did you expect? Want some examples of me rocking swimwear? Here you go: Swimsuit one, swimsuit two, swimsuit three and bikini. Now that's the closest you'll get to me in a g string so enjoy, mystery creepy searcher! 

What can fat girls wear?
Whatever they like, as my Can fat people wear...? series proves! 

Do Boohoo Plus sizes run small?
A little. Whenever I buy something from Boohoo, like this tropical print dress, I size up, just to be on the safe side.

Why shouldn't fat people sit on plastic?
Presumably because they'll break it? Not that that's true though. I've sat on plastic chairs plenty of times and I've yet to split any! 


How do I offer advertising space on my blog?
I've got a post for that- Offering sponsorships on your blog. Decide whether to use a platform such as Passionfruit or host your own, set your prices and spread the word. Easy! (Erm... my post is a bit more detailed than that!)

How do I contact brands as a blogger?
I've got a post for that too- Reaching out to brands as a blogger. Basically be polite, be brief and make sure you genuinely love the brand. 

Is Zoella a millionaire?
I'm not privvy to her bank statements but I reckon she's at least very near a million, if not there already.

How did Zoella get famous?
A combination of timing, good looks and, admittedly, some hard work. I'm not cynical enough to imply she didn't work for her success at the beginning!


Who has the smallest hands in the world?
Me, as you can see here (although not really- I don't know the real answer!)

Am I allowed to wear jeans/ a bra for my MRI scan?
You can wear a bra but not jeans. I've written a post on what to expect from an MRI scan here.

Can you get married at Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
You can indeed! I did! They won't actually give you permission to but if you take your own officiant, they won't stop you! More details about my Wizarding World of Harry Potter wedding here. 

Have you got any jobs at Boux Avenue in West Quay?
I don't know. Why don't you ask them? (Or visit my Boux Avenue Southampton post that I'm shoehorning in here because I can't think of a natural way to include it)

Where is a place in London to meet girls with piercings?
Camden is a pretty good shout. That or Shoreditch. Or any rock gig in the city. It's pretty easy!

How do I make my diary look emo?
Draw lots of eyes and write lots of angsty lyrics. You can find some inspiration here!

I hope that answers all of your (bizarre) questions! Just giving the people what they want! 

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  1. This is so funny! Made me giggle what people Google! Xxx

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post, especially since I got to browse some of your older posts along the way, like about your MRI scan, and your beautiful bathing suits!!
    Lauren x

  3. Loved this! Such diverse searches! Just thought I'd say, I've had 3 MRI scans and have always been told under-wired bras, and bras with metal clasps can't be worn during the scans.

    1. That's odd! When I had mine, I asked the nurse if I needed to take my bra off and she said the underwiring wouldn't affect it. Maybe it depends on the area? Mine was a head scan.

  4. Haha brilliant! Google Analytics throws up the weirdest stats, it's so interesting to see. I never realised the whole Lush gift box thing, so I'll definitely be making my own this year instead! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  5. Haha this is such a funny idea for a post! I might have a look at mine.

  6. Omg I love looking at the random search terms that come up on my blog! I always feel a bit of a disappointment when they never find what they're looking for! Great post xx

  7. Haha, you get some odd searches, mine are relatively normal! Great idea to do a Q&A with them.

  8. This is amazing - how on earth did people find your blog?! :')

    Dannie x


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