Summer Empties

For the first time in the almost-four years of this blog, I've decided to start writing empties posts. The reason I've not done them before is because I rarely actually finish a product. I tend to buy loads and then have too many to finish so hopefully this will encourage me to use up my products more! Monthly empties may be more common on blogs but, because I so rarely finish a product, I'll be doing them seasonally instead. 
Summer beauty empties
No surprise to anyone that it consists solely of Lush and Benefit!


I loved this moisturiser. It was really thick so perfect for the dry patches that have sprung up on my face lately and I loved the fragrance. Unfortunately, it was on the list of products discontinued to make room for the new collection so no more British Nanny for me!
Repurchase? I would if I could!

Full review here


Oh, this primer is amazing! It makes my skin look so smooth and gives a velvety finish which creates the perfect foundation base. I absolutely adore it! It also lasts ages- I bought this a year ago and have used it every time I wear make up!
Repurchase? Already have!

Full review here // Buy it here


This shower scrub smells absolutely incredible- A gorgeous, fresh blend of mimosa, lemon and jasmine. I love that you can vary how rough the scrub is. Mix it with water for a gentle exfoliant or use on dry skin for a more vigorous treatment. It leaves my skin silky soft and delicately perfumed, too. My number one Lush product!
Repurchase? I've bought a mega tub from Lush Oxford Street. It's the size of my face!

Full review here // Buy it here
Summer empties beauty products

I actually finished this a while ago. There's a teeny tiny bit left in the bottle so I kept it in case I decided to use that little bit but it's definitely time to chuck it now! At first I liked the foundation as it's a nice consistency and not at all drying or slick. However, as I continued using it, I found it began to oxidised pretty badly and the shade just wasn't quite right for me.
Repurchase? Nope. I'm still looking for my ultimate foundation!

Full review here // Buy it here


Unfortunately, I bought this in the Kitchen so it's not available in the shops (possibly in Oxford Street, but I'm not sure). It was a gorgeous blend of two fragrances I love and was a really calming, soothing mask.
Repurchase? If I spot it in the Kitchen again, I certainly will! 

Full review here 

I'll be posting my autumn empties at the beginning of December- let's hope I have more to show for it! 

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  1. I love Rub, Rub, Rub! I recently bought it and I'm loving the results!

    Katie |

  2. This shower scrub from LUSH sounds absolutely amazing.

  3. Empties posts are one of my favourites to read and write. the Lush Rose & Lemon Face mask sounds gorgeous!

  4. The Rose and Lemon face mask sounds lovely! Will keep an eye out for it in the Lush Kitchen!

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

  5. I got fed up of searching for a foundation so ended up combining two together and it's working pretty well! I've also started doing empties posts to stop me buying soooo many toiletries I think I have a problem haha

  6. I love seeing what people finish up, so exciting as you can maybe add a few of their stuff

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  7. My local store still has British Nanny, want me to grab you some?

    1. I do... but I also have two other pots of moisturiser to get through so not sure if I'll actually get round to using it. AARGH DILEMMA! v


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