Review // Lush Big Bang Bubble Bar and Rub Rub Rub Solid Scrub

Rub Rub Rub is my favourite Lush product of all time (read my review of Rub Rub Rub here) so I was chuffed to discover there were two new products in Lush Oxford Street with the same fragrance (as well as a tub of Rub Rub Rub the size of my face!) 

Review of Lush Big Bang Bubble Bar

The first time I visited Lush Oxford Street, this bubble bar wasn't in stock. I'm very happy that I spotted it on my next trip and gave it a whirl as it's my new favourite by far! Half a bar crumbled under a running tap gives more than enough bubbles and the pink stars are a bath melt which leaves the bath really moisturising. As I mentioned, it has the same fragrance as Rub Rub Rub, and the Mother Superior Bubble Bar that was released for Mothers' Day: A gorgeous, refreshing blend of lemon, jasmine and mimosa. I can't get enough of it! Unfortunately it wasn't one of the products rolled out nationwide, so I just have to stock up whenever I pop into London. 

Lush Rub Rub Rub Solid Shower Body Scrub Review
On the other hand, Rub Rub Rub solid scrub has been introduced to all stores around the UK. It's so pretty with a pale blue base and a cherry blossom design. Unfortunately I have found that after a while it loses it colour and, for some reason, turns into a pale pink. It's been stored in a dark drawer so I can't blame it on the sunlight. No idea what's happened there! It also seems to have absorbed the fragrances from other Lush products stored in the same drawer so now has more of a fruity, candy scent than the usual Rub Rub Rub fragrance. 

It's possible to use this scrub in two different ways: For gentle exfoliation, use under the shower, or apply to dry skin for a more thorough scrub. Either way, it's much more gentle than the original Rub Rub Rub so it would be perfect for people who prefer their shower scrubs on the gentle side. With me, however, I like a rough scrubby experience so it was a little disappointing. The end result wasn't as smooth and silky as the original, either. I'll be sticking with my mega tubs from now on. They go towards my free face masks too!

If you ask me, Lush should bring out even more products with this fragrance. Rub Rub Rub shower gel? That would be divine! Definitely an unsung hero! 

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  1. I LOVE Rub Rub Rub, I bought it after I was recommended to by the people at Lush after they gave me a sample (aren't they always so nice?) -I definitely think that these will be my next purchases. Great post! X

  2. I haven't tried either of these before but now I really want to! They both look lovely and I am intrigued by the body scrub!
    Louise |,uk

  3. I love Rub Rub Rub! I'm running low so I'll be making sure to buy the massive tub next time I purchase it. I recently finished my Big Bang bubble bar, and I can't say I could smell the same scent as Rub Rub Rub, but I definitely could with Mother Superior. It's such a lovely bubble bar, perfect for summer. Such a shame you can only buy it from London. :(

  4. I seriously need to buy this Rub Rub Rub you keep talking about! I've never owned any Lush products other than the dry shampoo which I would not recommend for thick hair. I might take a trip in soon!

    RebeccaJane xo

  5. I love rub rub rub! It smells like heaven!! haha The rub rub rub solid body scrub looks amazing! I think I need it. Great review!

  6. I love the look of the body scrub, and the bubble bar is so pretty - I would almost not use it just so I could look at it for longer.

    Yes, I'm a creep.

  7. I really liked the scent of Rub Rub Rub but wasn't keen on it as a scrub because I prefer grittier scrubs. Would be great to try out the bubble bar with the same scent.


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