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Straightening my hair is the number one thing that makes me feel presentable. Unfortunately, my natural hair is so thick and puffy that I look like Hagrid if I leave it to do it's own thing (in actual fact, just this week at work, a kid said "I like it when you've just washed your hair and it's big and fluffy"!) Spending the time- and it is a lot of time- to straighten my hair makes me look so much more polished and, well, human. Needless to say, then, I was hugely grateful when ghd gave me the opportunity to review their new Platinum Styler.
ghd Platinum Styler review
On unboxing my styler, the first thing I noticed was the unusual shape of the plates. Rather than flat blades, these ones are ever so slightly convex and curved at the edges,  which are designed to give a high shine finish to the hair and also allow you to create curls and waves, rather than just straighten. There is also an unusual "wishbone" hinge, instead of the usual clamp style, to allow more control with pressure and alignment of the blades. I can confirm that it's much more comfortable to hold than my usual straighteners!
Curved plates ghd platinum styler straighteners
Now we come to the fancy stuff! The ghd Platinum Styler uses something called Tri-Zone Technology. I'm not entirely sure what this means but from the information I was given it seems that the styler uses three sensors inside the plates which measures the temperature of your hair and prevents it getting too hot. This, according to ghd, reduces hair breakage by 50%, increases shine by 20% and is kinder for your hair colour too. Obviously I can't verify this for myself but anything that helps protect my hair from heat damage is a big plus in my book!
ghd platinum styler hair straighteners review
Since heat protection is something I tend to slack on, and is therefore now my top priority, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover ghd had included two bottles of their Heat Protect Spray too. The pump makes it really easy to spray and it's very lightweight so even though I have to use a lot for the amount of hair I have, it doesn't feel as though it's weighing my hair down. This also means it dries quickly so I can get my hair styled quickly and it leaves a lovely glossy finish afterwards.
ghd Heat Protect Spray review
I am absolutely in love with my Platinum Styler! I was already a ghd convert but knowing they're always striving to give us even better hair makes me love them even more. I think this styler will become a very close friend of mine!

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  1. OOh I definitely need those in my life, they look so sleek and smooth!

    Sophie x

  2. It takes SO much effort to straighten my hair, and as I used to do it daily when I started high school I feel like I look so young with it straight. I love how polished it looks though! I'm really intrigued by the GHD curling tongs that appear to have a similar tri-zone technology to these, sounds fancy! xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. This looks fabulous, i could do with some new straighteners x
    Love Vicki |

  4. I've had my GHD's for about eight years and my hair would be a bloody disaster without them. Glad you're enjoying them and not looking like Hagrid lol. I'm hoping someone will buy me the GHD Max's for Christmas/birthday because I need them!

    Sarah x

  5. We seem to have the same hair type! I *need* to straighten my hair otherwise it looks crazy! I really like the sound of this GHD - I'd be so impressed if it actually does reduce hair breakage as unfortunately that's something I have after years of heat damage :-(

  6. I used to straighten my hair every day but now try to only do it on the weekends to avoid heat damage, so it's amazing that these ones help to prevent it- I could straighten my hair more finally! I've never bought a pair of GHD's but I've tried my friend's ones and heard so many amazing things; one day I'll definitely get round to buying them!

    Cakey Dreamer

  7. I think I definitely need to get one of these! My hair is so thick and wavy so I need a good set of straighteners to counteract the fluff as I call it, haha! This is really useful! - Tasha

  8. I totally have the same hair as you - I have to do something with it otherwise it's a big fluffy mess haha. I like the sound of these new GHDs, I really think it might be time for me to invest in! The only pair I have had lasted nearly a good 10 years, since then I've had some Babyliss ones that just don't cut it.
    Sarah @ hereyoume

  9. You just can't beat GHDs :) mine died after 7 years of loyal service and it wasn't long before I repurchased a pair :) the heat protect spray is lovely too, although be prepared for it to run out really quick!

    Dannie x

  10. Never tried GHD hair tools but I know they are supposed to be amazing. Maybe I should think about investing in one

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  11. They look fabulous. Love my current GHD's but they're only a couple of years old so want to get at least 10 years out of them before purchasing new ones, haha!


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