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When I'm stressed, I tend to get spots popping up on my chin, which are obviously hugely annoying. Back in April, I discovered Lush's Grease Lightning spot treatment and it has worked miracles, so I was really excited to find another spot treatment in my Southampton Bloggers' Meet Up goodie bag- this time, the Witch Blemish Stick.
Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick review
Remember Push Pops? That's pretty much exactly what the packaging of this is like. It's very small- just 10g of product- but that product is condensed into a very small area, so you get more than it looks! The lid is twisted off to reveal the stick, which you push up from the bottom and dab onto the area. This is great as there's no wastage and you don't need to touch the spots with your fingers, but it is difficult to get the stick back down into the casing.  

The stick itself has the look and consistency of a Pritt Stick, although slightly less sticky! On application, however, it melts into the skin a little and turns into more of a light gel than the solid appearance it has. It has the sharp, fresh scent of witch hazel but it does have a tendency to sting when applied to the skin. A bonus of this stick, however, is that the gel is absorbed by the skin and doesn't leave dry patches sitting there.


Have I noticed a difference? Erm, no. I've been applying the treatment when my spots first appear, as directed, and it doesn't seem to have prevented them popping up at all. It's a real shame as rest of the product is very strong but the results just don't live up to my expectations. Then again, it's only £2.59 and will last for ages so it's worth a try! 

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  1. I used to use this and it made my skin sore!

  2. Shame about no visible results, I think I shall stick with Grease Lightning. Great review! x

  3. I used to use this and I found it actually worked quite well for me! I guess it's one of those things that just depends on the person.

  4. Oh I swore by this when I was in high school! Haven't tried it in ages though so I'm not sure whether it would work now! I guess it's one of those that really divides people!


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