Curvissa: Awesome clothes for plus size girls!

Here's the deal: I love clothes. I mean, I really love clothes. However, as you may have noticed, I'm a little on the tubby side. This makes buying clothes a bit of a pain for me and I tend to buy items that are too small, squeezing myself into them determinedly. But, luckily for me, there are a few places that realise that some of us might need a little extra fabric around the chest and thigh area (or tummy area, or arm area, or hip area...). 

Recently, I've discovered one such place: Curvissa. Curvissa sells loads of lovely clothes that are perfect for sizes 14- 32.  The best bit? The prices are not extortionate! In fact, they're the same as you'd find in most high street shops. No more paying extra just because you like biscuits more than the average girl (Oh... Is that just me?) 

What I like about Curvissa is that they have a broad range of styles. I find that a lot of plus size retailers sell more mature styles, but Curvissa have plenty that suit us younger girls too. To prove my point, I've chosen my three favourite pieces:
I know it's approaching winter, and swimsuit weather seems a long way off, but this Lascana swimsuit is too cute to resist, right? I'm well prepared! 

This spotted dress is right up my street. I love polkadots, I love monochrome and it would be perfect for work! 

I've been looking for the perfect pair of suedette boots forever! Unfortunately, I can never find a pair that fit my chunky calves. I think I've found the pair! 

The autumn/winter advert shows off some of the other items and it's making me pretty excited for autumn. Snuggly jumpers, wrapped up in scarves, golden leaves scattered at my feet. Lovely! 
If the advert has tickled your fancy, you can read all about the filming of it on the Curvissa blog, with loads of behind-the-scenes gossip! 

Take a look and prepare yourself for the colder weather. Don't forget to tell me what you've bought! 

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