Mr and Mrs Quiz

For some reason, I thought it would be fun for Rich and I to film a Mr and Mrs-style quiz. I know we're not actually Mr and Mrs, but Mr and Miss didn't have quite the same ring to it. In the process, I discovered a few things: Rich really is clueless when it comes to geography, he has zero charisma when left to his own devices, and my normal speaking volume is approximately 10 decibels louder than a jet plane taking off.
I hope you enjoy it! Maybe we'll do a little Q&A video at some point in the future. If you have any questions for me and/or Rich, leave them in the comments. Feel free to ask Rich lots of obscure geographical questions! 


  1. aww I love it! Please do more! xx

    L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D

  2. You guys are the sweetest, and oh gosh my voice is also a million times louder than everyone else don't worry! x

    The Little Things

  3. Haha I loved this Becky, very funny to watch! Xx

  4. Sorry, I have no idea what you guys said in this video because I was staring at your boobs... the entire time. x

  5. Love this! I'm with Leona on the boobs thing. As soon as you said he'd grab your boobs, I couldn't stop staring at them haha. Also, I love how loud your voice is, and how quiet it went when you impersonated Rich :) xx

  6. Haha I like it! Although I did keep having to adjust my volume control when the video switched between the two of you speaking! xx


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