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I think I mostly love November because it is officially The Month of Onomatopoeia (by "officially", I mean "I just decided"). Bang! Whizz! Fizz! Crackle! 

I'm now working on some sort of fireworks-based pun but all I can come up with is "Start your November with a bang" and, let's face it, that's rubbish. "Don't let your November fizzle out"? "Set your month on fire"? Man, I should work in advertising! It's a shame to waste this talent!

Anyway, the point is, it would be awesome if you'd sponsor me in November. All sponsors get an advert in my sidebar for 30 days, reaching out to my 2150+ followers across Bloglovin' and GFC. You also get a shoutout on Twitter, viewed by 2100+ followers, and some options also get a feature post on Becky Bedbug.

Prices start from $10/ £6.60 so there is an option to suit all budgets! Full details can be found on my sponsorship page. I'm also happy to host giveaways and review products, so get in touch if this is something you're interested in.

Let's light up the blogging world!   

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