Day in the Life of Becky: Halloween Special

11am I promise I don't always wake up at 11! It just seems to be that way every time I do a Day in the Life post.

12pm A quick bath before Marie comes round. 
1pm Ice cream after lunch. Om nom nom.
2pm My camera battery ran out so I had to use my phone for the next couple of hours. Buying some last minute costume bits in Primark and being sidetracked by cheap lip balms.
3pm We pinched the crayons and masks so we could have an arty Nando's session!
4pm I visited a fancy dress shop that I didn't know about. It was amazing and I picked up the essential fake blood and liquid latex.
5pm Back home and time to get DIY-ing!
6pm Watching the ultimate Halloween film.
7pm Playing with prosthetic make up.
8pm Blood-splattered bed after taking photos.
9pm Time to leave for the party! I didn't exactly want to take my camera to a crowded club filled with alcohol-infused revellers so, again, I used my poor little phone camera.
10pm The club had an Exorcist theme and had this amazing set up on stage. The bed was shaking, the head was spinning around, and a light flashing behind the curtains revealed a silhouette of the Devil. 
11pm Halloween stickers on the toilets. Cute touch, but I think I'd have preferred enough toilet roll! 
12am Dancey time! 
1am Early morning cheesecake! I hadn't eaten since Nando's so I was a bit peckish.
1am (again) The clocks went back so it's gone back to 1am! Drinking a whole load of water to fix my kidneys before bed.
 I really love Halloween! The best part? I've still got more spooky celebrations to come! 


  1. Looks like you had a brilliant time! I love halloween, can't wait to get dressed up.
    (And that cheesecake looks to die for)

    Jayde |

    1. Halloween is the best! The cheesecake is from Co-op and it was AMAZING! :)

  2. I'd have taken one look at that stage set up and ran the fuck out of there!x

  3. I always love these day in the life posts, guess I'm just really nosy!! The stage set up is so cool, I've never seen anything like it in a club. I have that buttterbeer glass too :-) it's mostly used as a spider catcher in my house though...
    Rachel xx
    The Inelegant Wench

  4. I love Fizzers! :D I use to stuff myself with them all the time when I was a kid :D
    I like your makeup very much :D and also looking at the scene from the Exorcist must have been fun :)

  5. I wish we had that kind of halloween parties here!


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