Kathryn's Halloween-inspired photos are stunningly creepy!
Ally's room is so inspiring! 
This is pretty much my perfect bookshelf
Brides Throwing Cats is the funniest thing ever! 
If I had an owl, this is what I would call it. I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much this made me laugh. 
I probably shouldn't admit this, but this 1966 advert is hilarious because it perfectly sums up our relationship! Although, you know, I have no need for kitchen appliances! 
I love Islay's A-level photography
I've started knitting my hat for Innocent's Big Knit. 
Other stuff
I discovered Lookbook Chubspo this week. It's amazing and it turns out that I'm on it lots too. Awesome! 

The one grammar mistake everybody needs to stop making. I have to admit, I make this mistake all the time without thinking but I still notice whenever somebody else does! 

These children's to-do lists are the cutest things ever! 

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  1. Hooty McOwlface is the best name for an owl EVER. x


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