Word of October: Trick or Treat

Yeah ok, so it's three words this month but since it's Halloween this month, I thought Trick or Treat was fitting!

I'm getting very excited, and terrified, about Bloggers' Halloween at the end of the month but there's a whole lot of other Halloweeny goodness that I'm going to be posting this month. It's my favourite holiday, besides Christmas of course, so I plan to thoroughly exploit it!

Here are my three goals for October:
  1. Post a costume a day in the week running up to Halloween
  2. Post two Halloween DIYs
  3. Have a wonderful time at Bloggers' Halloween!


  1. Ahh Blogger's Halloween sounds amazing! I wish I lived closer!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I love Halloween! October's one of my favourite months, I'm also planning to do quite a few themed posts - including one linking to things other bloggers have done, so I'll definitely keep an eye out for your DIYs! :) x

  3. Ahhh Halloween is almost here?! I need to get planning for my costume (literally haven't thought about it at all!)

  4. I wish I could come to Blogger's Halloween :( Have a great time though.

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. October is my favorite month! I love that Trick or Treat framed print, too!


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