October in review

Favourite outfit
I dressed up as a unicorn

Favourite shoes

My Cookie Monster slippers are amazing! 

Favourite book

The Fault in Our Stars made me cry my eyes out! 

Favourite day out

My first Halloween party of the year! 

Other favourites

I became famous

I spent far too much time on calculations to work out how to get the best value on Lush gift sets.

My new feature, Becky Reads Company, was very well received! 

Word of the Month

My word(s) of the month for October was Trick or Treat. Let's take a look at my goals:
  • Post a costume a day in the week before Halloween.

Well, I've done one, two, three and four, with another coming tomorrow, so I'd say that's achieved! 
  • Post two Halloween DIYs

I haven't actually posted them, but I've learned to knit (post coming next week) and I created prosthetic Halloween make up
  • Have a wonderful time at Bloggers' Halloween

Check back tomorrow to find out! 


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