Sponsor Shoutout: Patricia Alexandra

Patricia is my type of person! Her blog, Patricia Alexandra, is currently on Halloween overload and I love it! Though there are loads of other reasons to check her out, even if it's not October. Let's take a look:

1. She has unpopular opinions that I totally agree with
...and she's not afraid of voicing them! If you ask me, she's spot on with every point, and I love the dry wit that she delivers them with. That's the mark of somebody who really thinks about issues, rather than just sucking up what other people tell them. 

2. She visits spooky places this Swedish church. If you want to read a hilarious ghost story about a touchy-feely spirit, go and read this post right now!

3. She's all about self love.

Props to anyone who promotes self love and body positivity! Patricia's Self Love series is inspiring, motivational and will probably make you want to be an even better version of yourself. 

There are a load more reasons but it will be so much more fun if you just go and check them out for yourself. Enjoy!

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