20 more facts about me

I swear, every year these posts get harder and harder. I like to think I'm an interesting person but it's so difficult thinking of unusual facts. This year, I've decided to go down more of an anecdote route. I was a strange child. 

1. I've already mentioned that my childhood hero was Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, but I also idolised Mama Cass.
2. Somewhere in my house is a fragment of towel that once belonged to wiL Francis. Don't ask.
3. When I was 3, I contracted a rare skin disease called Henoch-Schonlein purpura. It must have had quite an impact on Baby Becky as I have six separate memories from this time.
4. Speaking of memories, my earliest memory is visiting Majorca with my parents in 1991.
5. Hundreds of people have seen me in my underwear.
Hula hooping in York
6. I once met Gok Wan and Jeremy Kyle on the same day. Unrelated to the previous fact!
7. I'm incapable of shopping without touching everything I see.
8. When (if) I complete my PhD, and if I eventually take Rich's surname, I'll share my name with a cartoon doctor.
9. In 1999, my brother was selected as an extra for a remake of The Railway Children. I was gutted not to be chosen but, to my delight, a week later the agency called my dad and said they wanted me too. I got a day off school for filming and everything. Unfortunately, on the morning of the shoot, he got a phone call saying the remake had been cancelled. Imagine my horror when it was broadcast the following Easter. I'm pretty certain they hadn't chosen me at all and my dad just made it up so I wasn't upset at being overlooked. Every now and then they still show it on TV and you can see Jamie's gormless face walking towards the camera because he thought they'd shouted "Cut!" when they hadn't. (Actually, the last time it was on, ITV cut for an ad break right before Jamie turned around. I couldn't stop laughing)
10. While we're on the topic of lies my dad told, I believed everything he told me growing up and he made full use of that. I was 19 when I found out that mushrooms aren't really a giraffe's favourite food. Who knew?
Grey jersey dress plus size
11. Probably because of this, I thought narwhals were mythical creatures until two years ago.
12. My most watched TV channel is ID- Investigation Discovery. Essentially murder documentary after murder documentary.
13. If I won the lottery, I'd open up a bookshop (as well as the studying that I mentioned in my last Facts About Me post)
14. When Myles was 4, he asked my boyfriend at the time: "Have you sexed her yet?" I was mortified!
15. The first time I went to Download, my mum said I wasn't allowed to go so I conducted an elaborate lie about going to Alton Towers. I kept it up for months, sneaking out my brother's old camping gear when she was at work, but then on the morning I left she just said "I know you're going to Download. Don't sleep with any strangers, don't do drugs, don't get too drunk. Here's £20". Score!
Plus size outfit for autumn
16. My imaginary friend was a girl who lived in the bush at the back of my Grandma's garden called Rosie. She had no clothes.
17. I also had two imaginary cats called Felix and Max. They were born after we had to paint our pets at nursery. I didn't have pets so rather than say that, I just made them up.
18. Oh, I also made up a boyfriend. When I was 12. I got fed up with all my friends getting boyfriends when I never had, so after returning from holiday, I pretended I'd met a guy out there. My best friend encouraged me to call him so I just dialled a random number intending to pretend to leave a message but, to my horror, it actually rang. It went through to voicemail and I left a vague "Hi, it's Becky. I really miss you" message. The next day, a woman apopleptic with rage called me, demanding to know why I'd been contacting her boyfriend. It still haunts me to this day and I feel so guilty for the poor, presumably completely innocent, man who had no idea what was going on.
19. I once wanted to marry my brother Jamie. In nursery, the teacher asked me who I wanted to marry when I grew up (why would you ask a 3 year old that tho?) and, without missing a beat, I said "Jamie". I was most put out to discover it was illegal. I thought you married your best friend and, as Jamie was my best friend, in my mind that was all I needed to marry him. 
20. In my GCSE science exam, one of the questions said "Name this chemical reaction". I had no idea so answered "Dave". I still got a B. 

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  1. Loved this post, it made me smile and I needed that today! I love the ID channel too, it's always so interesting - I can easily spend a good few hours trying to figure out what really happened. - Tasha

  2. Haha these are brilliant, I don't know why but number 18 had me laughing out loud, poor 12 year old becky!

  3. That last one is hilarious! It sounds like something you seen in those 'real exam answers!' joke book things!

  4. You are such a hula hooping queen <3 I had seven imaginary friends because one clearly just wasn't enough :') xx

  5. Number 7! Me too! EVERY SINGLE ITEM. <3

  6. 18 and 20 made me laugh out loud! How cool would a Dave reaction be haha x

  7. You are my favourite person ever. I think Dave is a pretty cool reaction to be honest. I am so glad you're my number 1 unicorn xxx

    Ami | perksofbeingami

  8. 16-20 had me laughing out loud haha!!! "dave" I cant breathe!

  9. I still don't believe in narwhals. They are RIDICULOUS. Ditto manatees and I've seen one. Xx

  10. If you've got to name a chemical reaction something then call it Dave, what a name.

  11. Number 20 was genius. I also did number 18 but for a different reason, we just dialled random numbers and prank called them pretending to be a sex line

  12. Hahahah "WHO is this Becky leaving you voice messages?!?!?!

  13. Lol, this gave me a chuckle! Love the last one :)

  14. These are such good facts! My grandad told me the cigarette lighter in his car was an ejector seat button. It worked though- I never touched it! x

  15. PAHAHAHA there are some truly hilarious facts in here. Dave is a much better name for a chemical than all their complicated bollocks and formulas. Pahahaha. I think Dave and the fact you wanted to marry your brother have made this post for me. Such a good idea, I proper enjoyed reading every single one

    N xx

    Lovelaughslipstick x

  16. Okay I need to find the Investigation Discovery channel, I love murder documentaries!


  17. Best answer to an exam question ever! No wonder you got a B ;) x x


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