Benefit x Starbucks #BestFriends

Oh man, you should have seen my delight when this package popped through the door! Benefit and Starbucks teaming up for a collaboration? What could possibly be better?
Benefit Starbucks Collaboration

Although this campaign was inspired by Valentine's Day, it's running right the way through until March 31st so you've got plenty of time to take advantage of the partnership. Pick up a special Benefit coaster at participating Starbucks stores to receive a free makeover at a Benefit boutique.
Benefit Cosmetics Coaster
The greatest part of this campaign? Buy one, get one free hot drinks at Starbucks! Ooh yeah! Pick up one of the unique pink cup sleeves from a Benefit boutique or counter and trade it for your two drinks. My tip? Vanilla and peppermint hot chocolate. A Starbucks barista recommended it to me this week and it's absolute heaven in a cup- just like Mint Aero!
Benefit Cosmetics Starbucks Sleeve
As you can see, my package came with the cutest Benefit design ceramic travel mug which I will be making full use of on my long car journeys up and down the country this summer! Benefit even included a bottle of Posie Tint so keep a look out for a review soon.
Starbucks x Benefit Cosmetics Collaborations
Treat your best friend to a perfect day of coffee and cosmetics. Who says Valentine's is just for couples?

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  1. Bit overexcited about this collaboration- just so much pink everywhere I love it! Sooooo, I'm your blogger best friend- does this mean I'm getting treated to coffee and cosmetics?! ;) xxx

  2. I definitely need to head over to my local Benefits counter to take advantage of this collaboration! & now I'm really craving a mint & vanilla hot chocolate, it sounds SO good!

    L x

  3. This is the best collab ever! I love that cup it's so cute <3 xx

  4. I love this collaboration, I definitely need to pick up some coasters for a makeover :)


  5. Oh gosh I'm so jealous of that travel mug! This is definitely a clever partnership.

  6. Oh I'm so glad this campaign is still going as I missed it during Valentine's Day, and I'm going to have to try that vanilla and peppermint hot chocolate!! I'm a sucker for a mint hot chocolate on a normal day ;)

    Ali :)
    Ali Caitrin

  7. That pink travel mug is gorgeousss!! Jealous doesn't cover it haha.


  8. That is interesting ! I do not know if they did this kind of collaboration here in the US...

  9. I love that pink travel mug! It's gorgeous! x x


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