Valentine's Day at Lush Southampton

Every year, I look forward to the Lush seasonal releases and Valentine's Day is no exception. They always manage to pull out the cutest products and I was very pleased to be invited to Lush Southampton to find out more about the latest collection. Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub
As Mothers' Day is also approaching, we combined the two collections, although the focus was definitely on Valentine's.  Popcorn scoop
The girls had very kindly prepared snacks of fruit and popcorn, as well as an array of different fruit drinks so we could refresh ourselves as we watched the demos of different products.
Prince Chaming Shower Cream Lush
Some of last year's Valentine's release has returned, such as Prince Charming. He has had a little makeover though. Rather than last year's shower gel, Prince Charming is now a shower cream with a thicker, creamier consistency. Unfortunately I still don't like the smell! My favourite Unicorn Horn also makes a reappearance which I'm super pleased about!
Lush Lover Lamp Bath Bomb
Lover Lamp is one of the brand new products and I can't wait to try it! With cocoa butter, vanilla and orange oil, I know I'm going to absolutely love it! 
Lush Roses All The Way Soap
This soap, Roses All the Way, is interesting because it's sold as individual heart-shaped roses on a large board made of soap. After Valentine's Day, the boards will be cut up and donated to shelters. These were designed with an Alice in Wonderland theme in mind- they're actually white soaps that have been "painted" pink. On the bottom, you can see the original white colour.
Lush Lip Scrub The Kiss
In 2015, The Kiss was available as a lip gloss. For 2016, it returns as a gloss (although this time in a stick form rather than a pot) but also as a lip scrub infused with little edible hearts. The flavour is lovely, almost like a sweet strawberry.
Yummy Mummy Shower Cream Lush
Yummy Mummy was one of my favourite Mothers' Day products last year so I'm chuffed that it's back again. Like Prince Charming, Lush have given it a little upgrade and turned it into a shower cream. I can't wait to crack it out again!
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb Lush
Rose Bombshell has had a big transformation from the little unassuming form it took last year. The simple rose fragrance is the same but it's much prettier to look at. Apparently it has quite a lot going for it on the inside too so I'm looking forward to trying it out.
Lush Ladybird Bubble Bar
Ladybird is a brand new product and I am itching to try it! The fragrance is like nothing I've ever smelled before- predominantly peppermint but also with fruity and floral notes that end up giving it an almost bubblegummy quality. I'll be stocking up on these before they sell out!
Lush Cupcake Face Mask Ingredients
After watching demos of all the products, we all gathered around to see how Cupcake face mask is made. This is one of my favourite face masks so I loved seeing the process and was surprised by some of the ingredients, such as mint.
Lush Cupcake Face Mask Mint
Once it was finished, the mask was potted up so we could each take it home which was a really nice touch. 
Lush Emotional Brilliance Lipstick
To close the event, we had a little lip pamper session. The Lush girls put out different lip scrubs for us to try before allowing us to go wild with the Emotional Brilliance lip products. I tried Bubbly as the bright pink matched my cardigan, but I think the deep reds were my favourites.

A huge thank you to everyone involved with the Lush Southampton event! I had a great time and cannot wait to try all the new products! 

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  1. It looks like you had a really good time. I love LUSH. Even though the smell can be a tad overpowering at times. I've never tried a LUSH face-mask. Think I need to give them a go. The lip scrubs are always a winner though. Bubblegum is my favourite xx

  2. Oh my gosh this post is heaven. I'm a huge lush fan and would LOVE to go to one of their events - but for now, these kinda' posts will do!

    Lizzie Bee //

  3. I love the Lush lip scrubs and their bath bombs. I just started using their skincare and its love. Looks like you really enjoyed yourself.

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  4. I love the Yummy Mummy shower cream! It reminds me of Chewits....And I am keen to try one of the ladybird bath bombs. I just picked up a Unicorn Horn too, my first time using one of those in my bath. So many great things for Valentines/Mothers day! I love the seasonal ranges :) x x

  5. Casually reading your blog, enjoying the post and then BAM! My face right at the end! Haha!

    1. Haha sorry about that! It was such a nice shot that I couldn't resist!

  6. I love Lush Lip Scrubs my favourite is Mint Julips! Just such a fresh feeling when I use it! I picked up the Lover Lamp bath bomb and it is just lovely! The hearts that come out of it are such a nice touch x


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