Review // Diptyque Vanille Candle

Call me a candle snob but I am all about Diptyque. They may be expensive but my God are they worth it! One of my favourite scents is vanilla, so after finishing my Feuille de Lavande candle, I decided to try the Vanille one.
Diptyque Vanille Candle Review
On opening the box, the first thing I noticed was that the frosting was pretty bad. This is when you get bubbles between the glass and wax which may not look pretty but is an undeniable feature of soy candles and doesn't affect the fragrance or burn time at all.

The fragrance itself is a rich, creamy vanilla which fills the room with the delicious scent. As with all the Diptyque candles I've tried, the throw of the candle is very strong and the burn time is amazing. 

One of the things that frustrates me about Diptyque candles is how long it takes to melt the entire surface. Don't get me wrong, this just means the burn time is fantastic, but if I don't let the surface melt completely the first time I light it, it won't burn evenly. This is why you end up with candles that burn a tunnel through the middle and leave wasted wax around the edges. When this happens, it's practically impossible to fix it. For this reason, I only light a Diptyque candle for the first time when I've got all day to spend on it. As an example, this one was lit for 10 hours and still had the tiniest edge of unmelted wax when I went to bed. Thankfully this was small enough to allow the candle to burn evenly from then on but it's something to consider when you light one of these candles. Another problem with this is that it produces quite a bit of soot as the wick continues to burn and, in fact, I ended up with a black stain on my cream wall. Pro tip: Don't put your candle close to the wall! 

Right now I've been burning it for around 20 hours in total and it's only burnt down a third of the way, so it really is worth the price tag.

I'm really glad that my third Diptyque candle is just as wonderful as the other two I've tried (the second being Pomander). I have my eyes on Violette next!

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  1. Oh I've been so tempted by these candles! They sound like the smell amazing and I'm definitely sold by the burning time. It's gonna be one of those 'Treat Yo Self' purchases I think haha x

  2. I have always wanted to try out Diptyque, but I can never bring myself to part with that much money for a candle... It just seems lightly too gratuitous, even for me!

    Bethan | Ethical Entrepreneurship

  3. I love Diptyque Candles too (my favourite one is Roses)! I do agree with you they are a bit expensive but oh so worth it! I never tried Vanille but by the way you have described it I might give it a go! Great review! xx

  4. Argh, yesssss, the frosting between the wax and glass reeeeaaally annoys me too but I didn't know until now that it's just the nature of soy wax candles. Now I won't get so annoyed! Diptyque candles are mega dreamy <3

  5. I don't use candles enough to really justify the price, but I've learnt something new here... I never realised that you should allow the surface to melt the first time, then it'll melt unevenly. All makes sense now ;)


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