Before and After with Simply Be

Before and After pictures are everywhere on social media these days and it's practically impossible to avoid them. Just as you get out of the "New Year, New Me" malarkey, you're straight into "Beach Body Ready". Yuk! Simply Be are counteracting this with a really positive blog post (featuring yours truly) to discuss why it's important that women love their bodies.

As part of this campaign, allow me to elaborate on two things I love about my body:

Extreme hourglass figure

My shape has always been an extreme hourglass. Even when I was a lot slimmer, the ratio between my chest, waist and hips has stayed exactly the same. In fact, I wrote a post three years ago about this very thing! I love to emphasise my figure with body-hugging dresses and skater skirts. 

Plus size legs
OK, I have a love-hate relationship with my legs. They've always been chubbier than the average leg, no matter what my size, so I've found buying boots a right pain for my whole life. However, I love how shapely they are. My calves have an elegant curve and they're quite long for my height (especially compared to my teeny-tiny torso!)

It's easy to get hung up on your perceived flaws and imperfections, but when you really think about the things you love, it's easier to feel positive. 

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  1. I love both outfits! Especially the dress; it's so colorful :)

  2. I've always longed for an hourglass figure, yours is to die for! Looking fab Becky :) xx

  3. I hear you on the leg problem! I love knee high boots but really struggle to get ones that fit, and when I do find some they are often painfully expensive!
    Great post, you look amazing, and I love that dress!

  4. That rainbow dress though!!! You look gorgeous <3 xx

  5. Wow you have such a great hourglass waist, quite jealous! Also in love with the first dress, so pretty! x

  6. Love this post and the pineapple top, you look GORGEOUS! Self love is so important, I used to hate that I was part of the itty bitty titty committee but now i'm a representative haha, and sometimes I can get away with not wearing a bra and it's blooming great! :P xo

  7. Your silhouette is AMAZING. I'm a boyish shape so I'm straight up and down, basically. We all have our crosses to bear, haha.

  8. You do have a lovely shape! I used to really hate my body for not being this kind of shape, but I've come to accept that I'll never have a small waist (in comparison to the rest of me!) and it's just really great seeing this kind of body positivity post!


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