#TheStableWassail // Pizza and Cider at The Stable, Winchester

Being a blogger in Hampshire has some unique challenges. We're close enough to London that it's very possible to attend blogging events that usually take place there, although the train fare does add up, but there are very few events going on locally. Lana at Fashion Fake decided to solve this problem by hosting her own event in Winchester for us Hampshire bloggers.
Blackberry and Jazz Apple Cider
Jazz apple cider

Since we were just out of January, Lana decided to take inspiration from the traditional wassailing ceremony- an event where apple farmers in the south west would sing and drink to the health of their trees, encouraging a healthy crop of apples to make cider. In light of this, two local independent cider companies were invited- Tutts Clump and Fosseway- with speakers who taught us all we need to know about the production of cider today. As I was driving, I wasn't able to sample the drinks myself but did have a good sniff! 
The Stable Winchester Pizza The Stable Winchester The Stable Winchester Menu
The event was held at The Stable in Winchester. Even though it's right next to the cathedral in an area I know very well (and even used for my wedding photos), I'd never seen it before but I'll certainly be back! It's a very light, airy space which specialises in pizza, most of which are given local-themed names, such as Woolly Wintonian and The Buttercross Clucker. Although there are branches of The Stable throughout the south east, all the ingredients are sourced locally to the individual venue. I sampled a few different pizzas and they were all incredible but my favourite was Billy the Kid, topped with curried goat. Real goat, as I found out. (They laughed at me when I asked this but I wasn't sure if it was made with goat meat or goat cheese. Turns out it's the former. And delicious).
The Stable pizza The Stable Brownies
For pudding, the staff rolled out the brownies (gluten-free) and my god, they were the best brownies I've ever had! I may have had more than is socially acceptable but they were just so good! 
Hampshire blogging event
It was a fabulous place to hold a blogging event and a really chilled out way to spend a Sunday. I loved meeting some bloggers I'd never met and catching up with those I have. Thank you to Lana, The Stable and the fantastic cider companies.

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  1. So gutted I didn't know about this event! It looks like it was amazing <3?

  2. MMMM this all looks insaneee.

    Sophie x

  3. I am a Pizza kinda girl and a Cider girl, this looks perfect!
    Love Vicki |

  4. What an amazing idea! I love the inspiration for the event too, something I've never seen or heard about. The pizza and brownies look amazing!! xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

  5. We have one just down the road from us. Seriously, like 2 minutes down the road and we've never been. I'm never sure how I feel about fancy pizzas. Give me pepperoni and some mozzarella and I'm happy! Xx

  6. That pizza looks so yummy! I haven't had dinner yet so I was just staring at it for about 5 minutes haha. Blogging events are always so much fun, so great to meet new people :) xo


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