The Smuggler's Cove at Albert Dock, Liverpool

My little sister is now 15 (they grow up so fast!) and she recently messaged me on Instagram to ask if I'd go shopping with her to buy her first high-end make up products. As she lives near Liverpool, I don't get to see her too often but I had already made plans to visit my brother in Manchester so figured I could nip across the M62 while I was up that way. In the end, our brother and dad came too so we had a nice little Bedbug Family day out!  Liverpool Cathedral

Months ago, Jamie told me about a restaurant in Liverpool called Death Row Diner which, as you'd imagine, is themed around death row and murder. What could be more perfect for me? I was super excited to visit... until we found out it doesn't open until 5pm, the time we needed to head back down south. Instead, Jamie suggested a pirate-themed restaurant he'd been meaning to visit in Albert Dock: The Smuggler's Cove.
Albert Dock Liverpool
I'd never been to the Albert Docks so I was pleased to see how pretty and photogenic it is!
Boats at Albert Dock
My first impression of The Smuggler's Cove was one of slight disappointment because the servers weren't dressed as pirates. What a missed opportunity! However, they were all really friendly so that more than made up for it! Inside, the decor had the appearance of a lavish home that had been pillaged: ripped curtains acted as room dividers, scorched paintings hung on the wall, and a magnificent chandelier formed of knight's helmets dangled from the ceiling.
The Smuggler's Cove Albert Dock The Smuggler's Cove Menu The Smuggler's Cove Drinks Menu
I was really impressed with the commitment to the theme. All menus were designed like treasure maps and old books, such as the amazing Anthology of Ales drinks menu. As you'd imagine, there were ample rum-based cocktails but there were also a variety of non-rum and non-alcoholic concoctions (the latter were titled "Why is the rum gone?") I settled on a Mint and Strawberry Crush which was deliciously fruity with a refreshing hint of mint and ginger. 
Anthology of Ales
The Smuggler's Cove Liverpool Drinks Menu
Smuggler's Cove Strawberry and Mint Crush
Unfortunately the restaurant was pretty dark so I found it impossible to get a good photo of my food. A real shame as it was something spectacular! I plumped for a classic cheeseburger with chips and onion rings, and wow! The burger was perfectly juicy without being greasy and filled with flavour. It was also absolutely huge! However, the best part was the presentation- it was served in an actual barrel. I mean, the very bottom of a barrel- it would be difficult grabbing chips from a full-sized one- but a barrel nonetheless. Such a fun novelty which really made my day!
The Smuggler's Cove Liverpool Albert Dock
Even the receipt arrived in a secret cut-out book! It was such a great, fun restaurant but with delicious food and service to back it up. Perhaps it would be too gimmicky to have servers dressed in pirate gear and having sea shanties rather than The Lighthouse Family, but I think it would really complete the theme.
Family portrait
 Oh and because I know at least one person will be wondering it: We got Millie colour matched at NARS where she bought Sheer Glow. I'm so proud *wipes tear*

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  1. Looks fab! Especially love how the receipt arrived. Shame not dressed as Johnny Depp though. Yay for Millie too


  2. Need to visit that place sounds really nice, i love themed places like that! Cocktails look good too! x

  3. This looks right up my street! I love me some rum :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  4. This place looks amazing! :) I'm overdue a trip to Liverpool anyway.....

  5. That place sounds awesome. Great choice Millie, the hoarding begins here!

    Four Cats Plus Us

  6. I remember going to Liverpool and stopping by to look inside, it looked inviting with the piratesque theme but I never managed to eat/drink in there. Maybe next time!


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