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Usually, it takes me a little while to consider which charity I'm going to feature each month. This month, however, I didn't even need to think for a second. January has been a hard time for so many people. Of course we've lost some of our greatest talent in the past 30 days- David Bowie, my idol Alan Rickman and now the sad news that Sir Terry Wogan has also left us- but there are also many others, not in the public eye, who are learning to live in a world that has changed, all because of cancer.
Cancer charities UK
We all know somebody who has fought with cancer in some way. I've lost two relatives to the disease and know many others who have suffered, some with successful outcomes but, sadly, some without. Cancer is an indiscriminate illness and is far more prevalent than it should be. I need not go into detail about why I'm featuring these two charities- Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support- as we all know too well how much pain it brings to people. Yet despite this sadness, there is hope. 

We are now at a point where half of the people diagnosed with cancer have survived, a statistic that has doubled in the past 40 years. Every day, people all over the world work tirelessly to find treatments and we are getting ever closer to a time where cancer will no longer be the threat it is today.

Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK funds scientists, doctors and nurses to carry out research, develop treatments and care for those who have been diagnosed. There are so many ways to support them that I couldn't possibly lis them all here. Whether you want to campaign on behalf of Cancer Research UK, volunteer or raise funds with an event, even the smallest donation or action helps beat cancer sooner.

Macmillan Cancer Support
Being diagnosed with cancer is a scary time for both the sufferer and their loved ones, but Macmillan Cancer Support is dedicated to making the diagnosis a little less difficult. From assisting with the impact on work and finance, to providing specialised nurses to help with care, Macmillan is committed to supporting those affected with cancer. As with Cancer Research UK, you can help out in a variety of ways such as campaigning, volunteering and fundraising. Cancer is overwhelmingly difficult but Macmillan Cancer Support are here to help negotiate through it.

World Cancer Day 2016
By coincidence, this month coincides with World Cancer Day. On 4th February, the world unites to reflect on what we can do to beat cancer and take action. Get involved and let everybody know how you're helping the fight against cancer. 

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