Sponsor Shoutout: August

Let's take a look at the lovely blogs that have been keeping my sidebar occupied this month. They're very varied and all very interesting, so I hope you're going to love them! 

The What Now Blog
The What Now Blog doesn't just look beautiful, it's filled with practical careers advice too. Everything is geared towards making your work, and your blog, a better place. Whether that's advice on creating unique photos, tips for working on the move, or why to take risks, the blog is overflowing with inspiring and motivating advice. It's becoming a firm favourite of mine and always seems to know what I need when I need. 

Audacity of Food
Everyone likes food, right? Luckily for you, Bethan's blog, Audacity of Food, is all about delicious food of all kinds. Based in Yorkshire, you can expect to find interviews with those in the business, such as the owner of super-cool cafeThe Pig and Pastry, restaurant reviews for the likes of Betty's Cafe Tea Room and, of course, lots and lots of recipes: pecan pumpkin pie, meringue sousse and almond & blueberry pancakes. Yum yum! On top of that, Bethan has started her own coffee company, Vincent's Coffee, which sources coffee ethically and honestly. Pretty cool! 

Wheeling Along 24
I've spent many a Twitter chat talking to Yorkshire lass Sally, so I can personally tell you that she's awesome! Her blog, Wheeling Along 24, is very different to your standard fashion and beauty blog. Sally suffers from ME, which is a condition that causes severe exhaustion both mentally and physically. However, Sally does not let this hold her back. She is dedicated to showing that she can use a wheelchair and still look stylish. Not only does she post gorgeous OOTDs (by the way, I totally have those sunglasses up there. Sunglass twins!), she also writes great beauty posts, such as this comparison of Bourgeois and Sephora lip products, and has really interesting days out too. Hello lavender fields

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  1. Sally is amazing! She's great to chat to over the twitter-world :)


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