101 in 1001 XXI

What a crazy month! A very, very amazing month but an absolutely jam-packed, insanely busy one. 

#25 Visit Florida again
Oh, Florida! I love you so much! Can I go back please? I published a lot of posts about Florida, so I can't link them all here, but here's one from Magic Kingdom

#31 Visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour

This was actually at the end of July (the 31st, no less!), but it didn't get a peek in at last month's 101 in 1001. We visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour just before leaving for Florida, as a way to get ourselves psyched up for Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

#42 Buy a piece of art for the home

Towards the end of our holiday, we visited Downtown Disney and stumbled upon an art shop. A shop dedicated to Disney art. Not cheap little posters and the like, but a proper gallery-esque shop. The second I saw this sign, I fell in love. I know it's Disneyland, rather than Walt Disney World, but I love the kitsch element. I love the colours. It would fit perfectly in my living room. Of course there was no way to get it on the plane, so I resigned myself to never having it. For about 20 minutes, when I couldn't take it anymore and we asked if we could have it shipped over. They said yes, Laura and Matt kindly offered to chip in as a wedding gift and now it's sitting in our living room ready to go up on the wall. Hooray! 

#69 Buy a vest top in every colour

Ok, so this isn't every colour, but it's pretty darn close. I don't wear yellow or orange, so all I need now is a blue. God bless Primark! 

#71 Buy my wedding dress
Sneak peek of my wedding dress for you here! The tutu arrived the day before I left for Florida. To say I was panicking is an understatement! 

#81 Get married!

Yay! We did it! A full post will be coming shortly, so be patient for a little longer! 

#84 "Marry" Laura on Pirates of the Caribbean

As soon as I got everyone in our bridal party ordained, I knew I would have to marry Laura on our favourite ride. Not a real wedding, you understand, but a spoof this-would-totally-be-legal-if-we-signed-the-marriage-certificate-and-same-sex-weddings-were-allowed-in-Florida wedding. We went on Pirates of the Caribbean four times, we posed for this photo wearing matching veils and Laura married Rich and I for real. Yet, somehow, we forgot to actually "marry" each other. I think we got close enough though, so this will do. 

#96 Read 75 books (74/75)

For me, holidays are not a time to read. Holidays are a time to get out and explore the local area, to do things, to leave the hotel at 9am and come back 14 hours later. Reading is for my bed at home and travelling. For this reason, I only read two books this month but that does take my total up to 74. Only one away! 

#101 Watch all the films
We flew with Virgin and I can tell you they are by far a superior airline to any other I've flown with before. The film selection was incredible. While on the plane, I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel which, while absolutely stunning aesthetically, had a storyline that I completely forgot and had to read on IMDB when I got home. I also watched Muppets Most Wanted, because you can't go wrong with Ricky Gervais and Muppets, and decided to bite the bullet and try Frozen. Although it wasn't bad, and I adored Olaf, I really don't get the fuss. It was just a fairly standard kids' film. Sorry! 


  1. Eee! Your wedding outfit is soo beautiful! Mega Congrats to you both. Lisa xx

  2. I love that you forgot what a film was about haha! You got married at Disneyworld?! That's pretty cool. Congratulations. :)

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. We got married at Wizarding World of Harry Potter :)

  3. What a cool way to get married! Ah now i wish i can throw traditions out the window and do the same. Haha! Congratulations!


  4. Every time I see your little catchup (which this time was more of a big epic catch up) for this list I am tempted to write my own! But can I think of 101 things... probably.

    I agree with Frozen, I don't get it.

    1. It took me AGES to think of 101 things. My 1001 days are nearly up and I'm already compiling a list for the next lot. Hopefully it will be ready in time!

  5. Such a great way to get married, congratulations!! Love your wedding dress :)


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