Review: CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner

On my first day in Florida, I suddenly realised that the only eyeliner I had was a gel formula, and therefore very liable to smudge all over my face in the humidity. I quickly popped over to Walgreens and bought a CoverGirl product, purely on the basis that you can't buy it in England and they always talk about it on America's Next Top Model. Easy, breezy, beautiful and all that. 
Actually, as it turns out, I picked up the Most Perfect Eyeliner In The World, also known as Bombshell Intensity Liner in Pitch Black Passion. It cost around $8 which is, what, £4.50 or something. Billy bargain!

Since the existence of this blog, I have been looking for the perfect felt tip-style black eyeliner. Of course, I finally find it and it is only available in America. Great. Bombshell Intensity Liner is very small but probably contains the same amount of product as other eyeliners, just with less packaging. Anyway, I have tiny hands so it's perfect for me. The lid is screw-fit, with a nib that tapers to a very thin point. 

Application is ridiculously easy. The great thing about this nib is that you can alter your pressure to easily change the thickness of your line, making winged liner a doddle, and it applies evenly, without needing to push too hard. Another great thing is that it's easy to layer up, as it doesn't wipe off the first layer when you apply more. The liquid is shake-release so, when the nib inevitably dries out, you just shake well and more product is pushed forwards. This is what I've been waiting for!
Pitch Black Passion is a highly pigmented black so it's perfect for creating a dramatic look. Even better- it's really difficult to remove so it stays put for ages! I may have accidentally fallen asleep with it on once, but I woke up to find it was still perfectly in place. 

I'm gutted that this is an American product, although I did buy another one before I left. I might just need to stock up every time I head over the Atlantic! 


  1. This looks amazing! I'm always on the lookout for new liquid liner as it's one thing I wear pretty much everyday. If only it was available here! Next time I go to the US I'll have to remember to give this a try. xxx

    1. I definitely recommend it. Just remember to stock up!

  2. This looks amazing, love how black it is (if that makes sense) wish we could buy Covergirl products over here :) x

    Beauty with charm

    1. That makes total sense. It's exactly what I love about it!

  3. My brother is in Florida...if you need a new one lemme know. We can figure something out xx

  4. Love myself a good liner, and I've become convinced <3!! Black Intensity YES PLEASE

    Hope you'll come over to my blog sometime @

    Lots of Love <3



  5. Looks great! And love the staying power, will have to make some American friends to send them over! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

  6. Max Factor and CoverGirl are sister brands so sometimes they have the same thing re-labelled from the other range - might be worth checking that out?

  7. I'm always on the hunt for eyeliner. Bummer that it's only stocked in the US. Also, it makes a change for the review to contain a photo of the product in use too :)


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