National Museum of Scotland

Time for my final post from Edinburgh and this one, as you may have guessed from the post title, is all about the National Museum of Scotland.

The National Museum of Scotland was recommended to me by several people. I'm a big museum fan anyway (I actually took a module on museums and galleries in my degree), so I was excited to check it out. Unfortunately, my feet were aching and I was a bit tired and grumpy, which meant I probably didn't make the most of my visit. Nevertheless, it was a great place to spend an hour.  
As part of Fringe, the museum was hosting free music gigs which I found a bit frustrating. The music was very loud and it was distracting when I was trying to fill my head with knowledge. There were a couple of super cute girls practising their highland dancing skills though, who you can see in the top left of this photo. g

As I'm a fan of taxidermy and related arts, the natural history section was my favourite. As well as models of many animals, there were also preserved mammals, skulls and fossils.

We also explored the rest of the museum, which has rooms celebrating world culture.
These are Nepalese prayer wheels. It's believed that prayers are contained inside them and, when spun, the prayers are released to be answered. The person spinning the wheels is awarded good karma for releasing prayers: The more rotations of the wheel, the greater the karma. 
 As well as the main building, there is a wing dedicated to Scottish history, with information about the development of Scotland through the centuries, including the success of different industries and religion. 
Next time I visit Edinburgh, I'll be sure to visit before my feet get tired so I can truly make the most of it! 


  1. This place looks really interesting. I am ashamed to say that I lived in Scotland for like 20 years and I have never been to the this museum before!

    1. I really recommend it. It's quite small so it doesn't take long to look around, and it's free!

  2. Scrolling through my bloglovin feed I got to this post and saw your first photo and was like waaaait a minute..! I love the national museum of scotland, it's such a lovely place to escape the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh. Please tell me you went up top to the rooftop garden for the view?! x

    The Little Things

  3. Natural history museums is where all the fun is at! I love dinosaurs, taxidermy and all that fancy smancy stuff!

  4. You can find me by the prayer wheels spinning those badboys all day long. Give me good karma! X

    1. You better believe I spun them (I prefer span but apparently that's an archaic usage. Bring back span, I say!) until Rich got bored and walked away!


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