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I don't know about you, but when summer comes to an end, I start thinking about my next holiday. It's getting colder, darker and my summer holiday is feeling more and more distant by the day, so it makes me feel better to have something to look forward to. Luckily for me, Simply Be have created an interactive Hipster Holiday Hotspots map, showing the coolest things to do, places to eat and drink, and, of course, wear! 

Having travelled a fair amount this summer, I thought I would add my own hipster hotspots based on my experiences in three cities: Edinburgh, Winchester and Orlando. 


What to wear
You can't go wrong with a monochrome tunic, layered with a lightweight jacket and black leggings since it's likely to get quite chilly! There are lots of hills and steps in Edinburgh, so be sure to pack flat, comfy shoes like these ballet pumps

Where to eat
The Elephant House is more or less required visiting for Harry Potter fans. It's not just a gimmick though- It has delicious food, great service and fantastic views of the castle. 

Where to drink

Just next to The Elephant House is Frankenstein, which is worth a visit for its creepy, B-movie themed interior. 

Winchester is England's Edinburgh, filled with castles and ancient, historic buildings. Again, practicality is important as well as style. A thin jacket over a lightweight dress will keep you warm, but still allow you to strip layers if you get toasty climbing all those steps. Patent ballerina pumps are waterproof and comfortable too.

Where to eat

The Royal Oak is the oldest pub in England and the food is so delicious that we chose to have our wedding meal here. Hint: Eat in the atmospheric basement and you can see a part of the original wall, which used to be at street level.

Where to drink
Bishop on the Bridge is my favourite place to grab a drink in Winchester. The beer garden, with its comfy armchairs, overlooks the picturesque River Itchen. 


Skipping over the Atlantic now, and the climate could not be more different! It's hot. Really, really hot. Stay cool with a light-coloured vest top and jersey skater skirt. Plus-sized girls tend to get the dreaded chub rub, so I always wear cropped leggings. Flip flops keep your feet happy and sweat-free. Don't forget the Minnie ears! 

Where to eat
Tokyo Dining at Epcot is a traditional Japanese restaurant sells incredible eastern cuisine, including these bento boxes.

Where to drink
Tall Tale Inn at Magic Kingdom's Frontierland sells a thing of wonder- Strawberry lemonade ice slushies in a boot-shaped cup! What more could you want?

If you have any tips or hints for your own hipster hotspots, please do let me know. I'd love to hear your advice!

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  1. Is York hipster? I adore York, as long as you dress for the weather (uh, warm in Autumn) and while I can't reccommend anywhere to eat we did find a smashing pub not far from the Cathedral that did Smirnoff Apple and Lemonade for something crazy like £1/£2. I love your ideas though, I really really need to visit Scotland some day. I've never been :(

  2. Ah, man, I miss Winchester! I did my first year at uni there and haven't been back since. I plan to take the boyfriend for a long weekend some day

  3. Hipster Hotspot... when will the fascination with that word ever wear off haha. I'm so un-hipster, we don't very often eat out. We seem to plan trips and forget that we might like to eat at some point. Although, yesterday we didn't, we went for Spanish in Liege and that wasn't too shabby at all :)


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