Edinburgh Castle

When in Edinburgh, you can't leave without visiting the castle, right? It's so beautiful, perched on a huge rock overlooking the city. We were very lucky to have a gorgeous day for it too. Luckily we'd bought our tickets online so we avoided the massive queue and skipped right in. Seriously, guys, buy your tickets online! 

The views from the Argyle Battery are amazing, especially on such a clear day. The hill with the tall structure on the far right of the photo is Calton Hill, which I will have a post on shortly. 

My favourite part was the dog cemetery. It's just such a sweet sentiment. You can see the little doggy headstones on the bottom left of the photo. 

Watch out, England! Boom boom!

The Great Hall was not quite as great as I was expecting. I think Hogwarts has ruined castles for me forever. 

This is the Fore Well, which is 34 metres deep, and supplied the castle with its water supply for centuries. That little blue-white circle is the sky reflected in the water below, which gives you some idea of just how deep this well is.

On turning the corner into this courtyard, a little English boy, aged around 7, spotted the Union Jack and shouted at the top of his voice "Yay! The England flag! We defeated the castle!" His mum was so embarrassed, and it was the funniest thing ever. I'm not going to lie, that might have been the highlight of my day! 


  1. I have only been to Edinburgh once for one day so didn't see much but I did go up that hill and got very excited because some of the scenes in my favourite period drama North & South were filmed there!

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. I went to Edinburgh once, years ago, and didn't get a chance to visit the castle but I'd love to go back and see it properly. Plus I cackled like a witch at what the little boy said, hilarious!


  3. Edinburgh castle is such a lovely castle, but has nothing on some of the other's such as Eilean Donan which I love due to it's fantastic backdrop. The views from Edinburgh's peak are always great and you certainly got a good day for it! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Eilean Donan looks stunning! I'd love to visit one day.

  4. Oh wow, that view is gorgeous! I've never actually been up to the Castle but now I really want to!

  5. I'm not comfortable with you standing on that grid above the massive drop. You little daredevil, you! X

    1. I want to take credit for being a risktaker but you know I'm not... I was leaning over it, not standing on it. I'm not that brave!


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