London Fashion Week SS15

Yesterday morning, Marie and I set off early to London to attend the Meadham Kirchhoff open casting call. They'd emphasised that model looks were not required, and the queue was made up of people of all shapes and sizes. Although it was a little nerve-wracking, everybody was really friendly. We just had to have a head shot taken and then walk twice up and down a little taped-out "catwalk" to the sounds of Madonna. They gave no indication of what they're looking for, and I'm pretty certain dumpy, bespectacled girls aren't it, but it was a really fun experience to have. Something to tell the grandkids!
After a quick sushi stop, we headed over to Somerset House to check out some street style. It was the first time I'd been to Fashion Week with somebody else, and Marie was the best person to go with as she's so disdainful of fashion. Walking with her saying "I just don't get it" repeatedly was hilarious!

When I last went, a couple of years ago, I put a lot of thought into my outfit and tried to look super stylish. I soon realised that I wasn't going to compete with the ultra-fashionistas though, so this time I just threw on my trusty Primark maxi skirt and body. It might not be super swish but I blooming love this outfit! It's so bloody comfortable. 

Marie looked a bit more fancy, with her pretty 50s repro dress and matching hair band. I forgot about the cobbles and didn't warn her not to wear heels. Seriously guys, don't wear heels! 

This outfit is honestly the stuff of my dreams. I need that jacket in my life! 

I approached this cute girl to ask for a photo and she surprised me by knowing exactly who I was! Turns out it's Ellie of Rose and Vintage and she has the most gorgeous glasses ever!

She's also bloody beautiful and a real sweetie.
Somehow, I always seem to be in the same place at the same time as Zoe of Zoe London, but never cross paths with her. Marie actually spotted her first, and commented on how great her hair is, but I chickened out of saying hi. After passing her a couple more times, Marie pretty much forced me to approach her. Thankfully, she is absolutely lovely and didn't make me feel like an awkward weirdo. Thank you, Zoe! 

It was great fun to be back on the cobbles, and to actually experience it with somebody else this time. I'm still holding out for taking Myles one day, for his unique fashion commentary. Maybe next season...


  1. Loved your outfit, I have always thought about going to London Fashion Week but never feel like I have an outfit thats 'stylish' enough … so I love that you wore Primark and rocked it completely! x

  2. I'd love to attend fashion week but I always dress like a 'goth' apparently so I'd never fit in haha. I love that you wore primark I love Marie's dress so much I feel like I need it in my life haha.
    Kloe xx

  3. I distinctly feel like if I ever went to Fashion Week I'd be very much like Marie. mostly I don't get it (I think anyone looking at my wardrobe could guess lol) I just wish I did. It's really cool that you got to go to a casting call! I think you looked awesome.

  4. I conquer, sometimes I 'just don't get it' either. But I like to people watch so I'd love to go!


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