iPod photo binge

I'm one of those people who takes photos of everything, all the time. It drives people absolutely nuts but I can't help it. If I see something, and I like it, I have to snap a photo. The upside of this is that I have loads of great, fun images but, of course, nobody ever sees them. It seems a shame to keep them stored up on my devices for only my eyes, so I'm starting a new monthly series where I will share my favourite photos from the past month that haven't had a place elsewhere.

Since this is the first one, my photos are from the past 6 months or so, and I'm starting with my iPod. 
This sums up our daily life pretty well// I wish I'd bought this Primark visor. I kind of dig it.
Eating healthily with Marie and Leona// Roar! I'm a lion! 
Travelodge mirror shot// Queuing at Alton Towers
Marie aka Moreen// With my brother and sister
Myles' attempt at using chopsticks// Fish face train selfie
Look at all the arcade tickets Myles and I won!// Playing with wigs at 2000 Trees


  1. I like taking photos of everything too, so all of my various devices are packed to the brim with photos! The first photo of you & Rich is v. cute x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. These are super adorable! You are so cute :) I do the same thing with photos, and now I have more than 3000 pictures on my iphone, ouch...

  3. I like this idea, I need to get into a better habit of snapping photos of random bits and pieces. I'm getting better, trying to take one photo a day at least :)


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