238- 252

238 My new phone case has unicorns on!
239 Wearing my new dinosaur pyjamas.

240 Rich making some last minute technical adjustments before our wedding.

241 What a babe! 

242 Winchester is beautiful!
243 Back home and making use of the wedding flowers while they last.

244 A new teddy. 
245 My new office space is taking shape. 

246 Thomas Sabo store opening in Southampton. 
247 I couldn't resist the new Wilkinson's beauty range. 

248 My mum gave us this lovely artwork as a wedding gift. 

249 Blogger bandwagon alert!

250 Shelves up! 
251 Pretty flowers and blue skies. 

252 Such an adorable festive tealight holder from Christmas Boutique


  1. Gosh, Winchester *is* beautiful. Love your dinosaur pajamas!

    1. It's such a stunning part of the country. Thank you!

  2. I have the Q&A A Day book, as well! I love it!.

    1. Me too! Now I just need to remember to keep to it!

  3. UNICORN PHONE CASE! Amazing! Where did you get this?
    DINOSAUR PYJAMAS! They remind me of the time I saw your boob reflected in a coke bottle. That was an excellent day.
    Chelsea really didn't want to be in that photo of me did she? What's her beef? Haha!
    A new teddy! What's it called? Is Fluffy looking after it?

    1. 1) I got it from New Look and it was a fiver. Billy bargain!
      2) Yep, those are the bottoms I was wearing. But not the top. Obviously.
      3) I think you smell.
      4) Didn't you see him in Winchester? He's called Joey. I didn't get a say in the name- He had a tag saying "Joseph" when we bought him. Gruffalo's looking after him more. You know Fluffy just lounges around in bed and bosses the other teddies around!

  4. I need that unicorn phone case I freaking love unicorns!!!
    amber love

    1. It was from New Look for £5! Go and get one!

  5. Leona is such a babe, she repelling the people around her!

  6. Man, those PJs are awesome! You're giving me serious Winchester envy! :)


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