12th November 2013

 Dress: Primark

I haven't published an outfit post in the longest time. It's interesting how my blog has evolved- I actually started it with the intention of writing a fashion/ personal style blog. I also host the #fbloggers chat (Mondays and Thursdays 8-9pm) so I should probably post more of my looks. 

Anyway, I saw this dress in Primark ages ago and I considered buying it but it was something like £13. It's not a lot of money but it seemed a bit steep for Primark, so I put it back on the rail. Then I started seeing it worn by people everywhere, and regretted not buying it. 

Eventually, I bought one but Primark had sewn the wrong label in and the 16 was actually about the size of a 10. I've noticed this happening a lot more lately- If you take two identical items of the same size label, you'll often find that they are actually dramatically different sizes. I'm not talking about the hanger- We all know that Primark put their clothes on the wrong hangers- but the actual sewn-in label at the nape. Look out for it!

I went back to change it but they only had a size 20 left. It's a little big around the waist but I actually like the slightly oversized fit. Mind you, it's really tight around the arms so perhaps it worked out for the best! Size 14 waist and size 22 arms: That's my body shape for you! 
I also want to show you this super cute fake tattoo that I received from the conveniently named Fake Tattoos. It took three attempts to get it right. I started by putting it behind my ear, but I needed Rich's help and he stuck it on wonky. Then I forgot to take the top layer off the next one and transferred it to the plastic, rather than my arm. Finally, we got it perfect.

It might be a little difficult to tell, but this is the inside of my elbow. It's absolutely adorable!


  1. I've thought about buying this dress multiple times but i'm with you, £13 seems a bit steep for Primark!x

  2. I have this dress and love it - the style really suits you :)

    Helen x


  3. I have this dress too, but I paid £8 for it! x

  4. Snap with this dress, yay! I found that the dress was oddly fitted on me too, fit great everywhere else but on the arms I ended up cutting a little triangular slit under each arm so that it wasn't so darn tight! Primark can be super annoying with their sizes though, I know what you mean. Love the fake tattoo, I didn't realise it was fake at first! x

    The Little Things

  5. Lovely dress :) and cute swallow as well!

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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