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I have not been paid for this post. Kaelah is just amazing and I need to tell you all about her!
I commissioned my blog design back in May and, I'm happy to say, I'm still totally in love with! Of course I'm biased, but I think it's the prettiest blog I've ever seen! Lately I've been getting quite a few comments on it so it made sense to do a little shoutout for Kaelah Bee.

Let me tell you, this girl is super talented! I didn't even look at anybody else to design my blog- I just knew she was the one to do it! Take a look at the other blogs she has designed here, here and here. Of course, she designed her own too, which looks a little like this:
She's very open to the amount of input you want. I didn't really have any set ideas. I just gave her a colour palette and a vague idea of a circus/ carnival theme, and she weaved her magic! I was sent a really detailed questionnaire to fill in, with information on the colours and features I like and dislike, the information I wanted in my sidebar, options for buttons and so on. This meant she had a really good idea of what I would and wouldn't like.

When I received my first mock up, I almost cried! I could not stop looking at it. I was a bit of a pain and had a lot of tweaking back and forth in the banner, but she never got impatient with me. I received a few mock ups before we settled on the final design.
I plumped for the full redesign service, so I got my blog designed as well as all of my social media and business cards. She was really easy to work with- I didn't feel under any pressure at any point and she was understanding of my need to pay around paydays! We planned the timing of everything perfectly so it worked well for both of us. 

Not only did she design the most wonderful blog but her aftercare is amazing! Occasionally, I'll email her with a little query or request and she's always happy to respond. I really don't think you'd get aftercare that great from anyone else.

Of course, she's an absolute doll too- So lovely and easy to work with. I loved every step of the process and I am so glad that I chose Kaelah. I recommend her to everyone!


  1. Your blog looks great, she seems very talented :)

  2. I totally agree 100%. She did my blog design as well, and I can't begin to say how awesome she was to work with!

    1. How did I not realise that she did yours too? We have matching social media buttons :)

  3. How do you get a design done by her?

  4. How do you get a blog design done by her?


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